Saturday, November 12, 2011

Economics 101 for "Occupiers"

"... One of Barack Obama's great gifts is the ability to say things that are absolutely absurd and make them sound not only plausible but inspiring… it's ludicrous but it's very clever ludicrousness."




Alain said...

Not only are they clueless about economics, but they have no interest in them. When anyone spouts "equality", they are talking communism where everyone, except the rulers, is equal at the lowest common denominator. This is exactly why communism fails every time once they have used up the wealth stolen from the producers at the start.

JR said...

True. And even some of the most successful capitalists, like Warren Buffett, don't seem to understand the basics.

hunter said...

That video is worth watching.

JR said...

Thomas Sowell is a very, very impressive guy.

Xanthippa said...


I'm definitely buying that book!