Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Disgusting: David Suzuki and NFB indoctrinating school kids

Yesterday and today the National Film Board and David Suzuki were given exclusive access to thousands of school kids across Canada to spread Suzuki's radical environmental and political propaganda:
As many as 12,000 Canadian high school students and their teachers will have real-time access to renowned scientist Dr. David Suzuki on November 1 and 2 through a new virtual classroom experience. The virtual program is being delivered through a partnership between the National Film Board of Canada and the David Suzuki Foundation....
Ezra Levant featured video clips of the Suzuki 'education' session on The Source today.  Suzuki openly stated that he is deliberately targeting impressionable young students because (paraphrasing) 'their dimwitted, dinosaur parents aren't getting the message'.

This is a disgusting travesty!  The schools that permitted this one-sided, dishonest, hypocritical indoctrination should be ashamed of themselves.  They should be raked over the coals and forced to apologize to parents and students alike, not to mention to taxpayers who fund the NFB.


Anonymous said...

"give me 4 years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.
Give me the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever"
Joe Stalin
Cheeers Bubba

JR said...

Xactly. A tried and true totalitarian tactic/strategy.

Dr. Idel Dreimer said...

November 7, 2011

We were intrigued to learn (from The Source) that our favourite Guru, David Suzuki, in Collaboration with the National Film Board, did make a Broadcast of Propaganda to wide-eyed Schoolchildren last Week.

His stated Aim is that the impressionable Young should send the correct Message about Climate Change to their Parents, who have proved to be less susceptible to the revealed Word.

We look forward with much Eagerness to the Flowering of this bold Initiative. Perhaps a green Armband might be developed-- featuring the Suzuki Logo-- to be worn by Platoons of young Green Warriors marching proudly in the Streets. School Boards, in conjunction with the National Film Board could institute Training Programs aimed at developing Surveillance Networks, Computer Hacking Capabilities, and advanced Propaganda Techniques.

We only wish that Dr. Suzuki, so expertly qualified in the Field of Fruit Fly Genetics, had managed to influence our Legislators to pass Laws which would imprison those Political Leaders who ignore the Science behind Climate Change as guilty of an "Intergenerational Crime."

Although this clarion Call was unsuccessful in 2008, we have not yet given up Hope in this Matter. We would suggest that Dr. Suzuki should first engage the Leaders of Religion, who are well-practised in maintaining a Belief despite contradictory Evidence. From this Point, Legal Sanction against Climate Apostates should become a relatively easy Matter.

It is our earnest Hope that the Day of Triumph–Battalions of Green-Shirted Youth, dedicated to a green Consensus via Surveillance and advanced Computer Techniques–swearing Allegiance to the Prophet Suzuki–will effectively curb Dissent, and a new Era of Devotion and Self-Denial will be born.

Change in Climate, which is primarily influenced by the magnetic Field of the Sun, will be but little affected, but the Myriad of other profound social Benefits of Suzukiism should not be underestimated.

Dr. Idel Dreimer

Anonymous said...

From looking at your Twitter posts, your profile, and this blog post, it appears that you're either certifiably loony or are working to protect the value of your oil stocks by spreading disinformation.