Sunday, November 27, 2011

What is social justice?

Dennis Prager cuts right to it:

"Social justice has nothing to do with justice."

[h/t  Blazing Cat Fur]


Oversimplifying said...

Aristotle distinguished between distributive justice and rectificatory justice. Those labels were clearly agenda-driven.

Of course you can expect such simplistic generalizations from a man who cherry-picks Bible quotations.

Patsplace said...

His examination of Social Justice is exactly right on and his choice of Biblical quote also is right on.

Because a person is poor does not make them right, all it says is they have no or less money, much as the lefties would have us believe otherwise.

Anonymous said...

sounds clearly stated to me.

JR said...

Prager and Aristotle agree, more or less. The left's so-called social "justice" is Aristotle's distributive "justice" which is egalitarian equality of outcome, an impractical, anti-capitalistic, anti-social conception having "nothing to do with justice." And to quote F.A. Hayek: "... the worst use of 'social', [a word] which ... wholly destroys the meaning of any word it qualifies, is ... 'social justice'".

dmorris said...

I've noticed the same people who use the term "social justice" also rave on about attacking the root causes of crime.

They usually don't understand in either case.

JR said...

Yes. To the left, all 'root causes' are 'social'. Individual morality and responsibility have no role to play - it's everyone else's fault.