Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stanley Cup riot charges

Finally! But it's only the first 25 names and 61 charges:

No Nathan Kotylak or Camille Cacnio in that list - maybe in the next batch.

It's a long overdue beginning but I suppose slow justice is better than none.  However, given our hug-a-thug system, the outcome is far from sure.


Alain said...

With those two names missing, it smells to high heaven in my opinion. I have heard reports that one, if not both are out of the country. If true one has to ask why was that allowed.

JR said...

I also heard that Kotylak was out of the country. Giving the prosectors the benefit of the doubt (for now) maybe, for some reason, the two perps will be on a later list. However, I've also wondered whether Kotylak, having lawyered-up early on, may have already cut a plea bargain.