Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ezra Levant on the outed Vancouver rioters

Ezra has some great observations on Nathan Kotylak and other idiot rioters (Camille Cacnio, Alicia Price and Jason Li) who've been outed by Captain Vancouver (et al):

[h/t to sdamatt for the vid]

That "apology" from Camille Cacnio  is remarkable.  She apologizes to everyone, says she takes "full responsibility" then, as Ezra points out, slides into a long-winded harangue on why she should be let off easy, playing the victim and blaming everyone else. Truly a pathetic performance. 
So, letting her off lightly, I sentence her to a week in the pillory, 20 lashes (or 20 hard whacks of the cane across the ass) followed by three years in the slammer where she can contemplate how to rewrite her "apology".

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Bubba Brown said...

Nailing it as usual Ezra!

Alain said...

I saw this on Sun News, and I must admit that I was disappointed which is very unusual. I expected a more balanced coverage than the reporting of the situation found elsewhere.

I am very familiar with the Nathan Kotylak situation, and in no way do I support not holding Nathan accountable for his actions and behaviour. However it would be more balanced reporting to mention the threats of violence, including death threats, made to the whole family. They had to have police escort them out of their own home and the hospital where Dr. Kotylak received threats. The doctor was forced to cancel his surgeries due to this. It was also Dr. Kotylak who upon learning of the incident who marched his son to the police to turn himself in; another fact that was never mentioned.

So on one hand we have a drunken teenager behaving in a criminal manner and who certainly deserves to be punished, but on the other hand we have what are supposed to be adults acting like a lawless mob themselves. This is wrong and against the law and deserves to be included in the reporting of the Kotylak story.

dmorris said...

I never heard that Kotalyk was drunk. He certainly looked sober and capable in the pics I saw,though looks can be deceiving.

I've read,on various blogs,that Kotalyk was also photo'd tossing burning paper into the cop car.

As for the death threats,I wonder how serious they are. Are the perps of the DT's the same internet heroes as on Facebook and Twitter,or are they really violent criminals/terrorists capable of attacking the Kotalyk family at their home or work place?

It's one thing to trash property and beat people up under the cover of the riot,but up close and personal?

Most of the "anarchist/freedom fighters" seen at the riot turn into chickenshit little punks once they're alone or against someone who isn't afraid of them.

The Doctor and his family should have an armed officer posted at their home for a few weeks, just in case one of these nut cases does actually carry out their threat.

Why not, the RCMP stationed cops at the home of some Abbotsford gangsters for several weeks to protect them from other gangsters who were out to kill them?

Anonymous said...

speaking of outing...

The Blogging Tory known as “Neo” from Halls of Macadamia has hid behind a pseudonym for years while spewing his hatred. Unlike his hero Kathy Shaidle, he has never had the guts to reveal his true identity. Neo is actually a library volunteer from Stirling, Ontario called John Docherty. The ex-TTC employee helps out for 2 hours each Wednesday at the Stirling-Rawdon Public Library. He would like to help more but his other hobby besides blogging is sitting by his radio scanner hoping to catch news of other people’s tragedies. Sad.

JR said...

Alain, I think Ezra nailed it with his observations on the riot perps and their apologies. As for those threatening the perps and their families that's sad but as far as I'm concerned it came from people of a mentality that the idiot rioters could identify with. However, Ezra's focus was on the actual criminal morons not these other morons and I don't see that he's obligated to water down the main story by covering them.

All valid points. And as I said to Alain above, that's a whole other story.

That's hilarious. An anonymous commenter criticizing someone for commenting anonymously.

Alain said...

JR, perhaps I was no clear enough in that I never expected Ezra to "water down" the guilt of the boy. What I disagree with is automatically jumping on the band wagon of blaming the parents/family without any proof and ignoring the harassment of the family by a mob. This is not in the least like the family of our famous captured terrorist now in the USA whose family fully support and encouraged their son's actions. I could understand such a family being targeted, but they were not and the MSM continues trying to convince that we are too hard on the son.

JR said...

Alain, OK, I see your point now. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:17 pm said - "The Blogging Tory known as “Neo” from Halls of Macadamia has hid behind a pseudonym....."

Two questions: 1) Who cares?
2) Why are you such an idiot?

Anonymous said...

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