Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The idiot page "protest"

Mark Steyn nails it:
... the post election Speech from the Throne is the ... logical endpoint of Magna Carta: the state as servant of the people. So, when you urinate all over a Throne Speech, it’s not like lobbing a pie at the Defence Minister during a war debate: You’re disdaining the very essence of the constitutional order.
But that's all a little too fusty for a know-nothing like Brigette DePape.  ... her own ingenious substitution for representative government: A "STOP HARPER" sign. When she's removed from the chamber, she's ready with a press release and a publicist to book media appearances. She says Canada needs its own "Arab Spring".  What, you mean with virginity tests for female protesters?
... She is said to have had several job offers ... I can think of few people I’d be less likely to hire than a pampered beneficiary of a leisurely navel-gazing pseudo-education too stupid and self-absorbed at the age of 21 to be able to tell the difference between Mubarak's Cairo and Harper's Ottawa.
... The west is facing not an Arab spring but a long bleak winter of post-prosperity discontent.  I don’t think the likes of Brigette DePape will adapt very well – and I would wager their disenchantment with responsible government will grow. As for the Muslim Brotherhood so for stunted morons like Miss DePape: The democratic process is legitimate only if you vote for the approved side.
Exactly. DePape's "protest" is lauded by those other "stunted morons" of the left - Green leaders losers Elizabeth May and Jane Sterk.  When they're not calling every Harper policy they dislike "undemocratic" they're pissing on democracy by praising juvenile clowns like DePape.

See also, Kelly McParland.


Alain said...

Once again Steyn is spot on. I long ago noticed that leftists like all true fascists are totalitarian. They cannot stomach a free and open democracy where people are exposed to all views and opinions and then decide for which party to vote.

I still wager that this bimbo was coached and aided for she does not have the smarts to orchestrate her stunt on her own. That in no way excuses her.

hunter said...

I agree with Alain, she's just a puppet and someone is pulling her strings. Maybe the RCMP could find out, or a good journalist...oh what am I thinking!

Sean M said...

Thanks for the post... Steyn nails it, and i agree with Alain also. There is no way this sniveling little turd planned this herself. She seems too indoctrinated and dim to even understand the depth of insult in her irrational thoughtless activism.

Jen said...

Ask this child any question and it is the same `drilled into her head answer she gives`, drilled into her by the school, media etc.
She is not the only one, most canadians are drilled daily...just like her.

JR said...

Thanks for the comments.
I negelected to mention that other loony-bin of the left that supports the DePape mentality - rabble.ca.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth May actually did not agree with the young protester.

JR said...

Actually, all that Elizabeth May disagreed with DePape on was the use of the venue. But May does say DePape "wasn't disrespectful", "understand[s] her reasons" and praises her "bravery". All nonsense! DePape's grandstanding stunt is disrespectful to all of parliament and to her own sworn loyalty to it. Even DePape doesn't understand her own "reasons" (Arab Spring, etc.) beyond her desire for fifteen minutes of fame. And "bravery"? Try telling that to Fawzia Koofi.