Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bad news on the climate change front

Global cooling!
... a flurry of other reports, including from scientists at the U.S. National Solar Observatory (NSO) and U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, indicating that global cooling, and perhaps even a new Little Ice Age, is on its way. ...
Now, compared to the AGW hypothesis this is really scary, especially for northern countries like Canada.

Will the UN IPCC now begin calls for us to increase our carbon footprints?  Will our Tory government demand the same?  Will Al Gore make a new movie using a hockey stick graph with the blade pointing down (and garner another Nobel Peace Prize)?  So many questions!


Patsplace said...

I've been watching the BS about climate change/global warming and felt that it was global cooling on the way and really hoped I was wrong. May I hear lots about global warming and little about global cooling. It's a scarey business, global cooling, for us northern hemisphere folks. Not neat at all. Global warming is great, cooling sucks!!

allegedclimatecriminal said...

cooling or warming, either way its sure to be our fault and there has to be some government fee or tax that can save us from ourselves

Sixth Estate said...

Solomon is not a reliable source. He just cherry-picks whatever article happens to support his idiocy, and ignores the rest.

That said, in the unlikely event we are in for a "little ice age"... I guess we'll be comparatively lucky.

JR said...

Heh. Lawrence Solomon reports facts about which CAGW alarmists are in denial. Plus, he's an environmentalist.

"unlikely event"
Given that Earth has experienced multiple little and full-scale ice ages we at least have a basis for discussing the likelihood of such events. Catastrophic global warming on the other hand has never happened - even when atmospheric levels of CO2 have been in excess of 25 times today's.

"comparatively lucky"
How so? Warm periods, such as the Medieval one, were highly beneficial to human expansion and cultural advancement. Ice ages, small and large, brought destruction, misery and death.

It is in Canada's interests to favour any measures that may forestall or lessen the impact of otherwise inevitable global cooling. It is anti-Canadian to promote measures that do the opposite.

Anonymous said...

A Grand Solar Minimum, even if one occurred, would not be sufficient to offset the effects and dangers of human-induced global warming.

Return your head to the sand.

JR said...

That's just one more of the many inane warmist statements for which there is absolutely zero proof.

There is absolutely no real evidence, no matter how strong, that will ever dissuade warmists from their unproveable theories. In fact, it's just the opposite, there is no evidence that is not taken by warmists as confirmation of their beliefs.