Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Only one hold-out on extending the Libya mission

The vote was 294 Yeas to 1 Nay. Lizzy May was the only hold-out. Even the Bloc and the NDP went for it. Impressive for such an iffy, ill-defined mission. What is it about Obama's wars?


dmorris said...

I HATE to say it but,Liz May just might be right this time,correct,that is, not her political positioning.

We still have no idea if we're (NATO) supporting a genuine freedom movement,or just another bunch of tyrants who want their turn at the reins.

In Egypt,for instance, it doesn't look so good since the dictator Mubarak was removed.

We'll have to trust our fearless leaders,and hope this isn't just a war to guarantee French oil contracts.

And yeah, if Bush was at the helm,the outrage by the Left can't be imagined.

Alain said...

I must admit that I too agree with Lizzy on this, but I am certain for very different reasons. In my opinion this whole thing has been a mess from the start with no clear direction nor objective. To make matters worse is that the ones we are backing are no better.

JR said...

I hate to say it too. It seems incredible that there was so little dissent. This war isn't that righteous.