Monday, June 13, 2011

Socialist resentment trumps rich people’s charity

David Thompson parses Zoe Williams’ Guardian column griping about rich people’s charitable giving:
... Zoe tells us that the Ark Gala raises “extraordinary sums - £14m in just one night in 2007.” And all for good causes. So, er, what’s not to like?
[ZW]“Nevertheless, I object to high-net-worth philanthropy in principle.”
Feel the warmth of that great big socialist heart. Helping orphans is objectionable if the people doing the helping are wealthier than Zoe Williams. Principles, see?
[ZW] There are financial arguments to be made about whether or not these people would do more good by just desisting from their activities and making do with normal jobs that paid normal salaries.
... Zoe’s personal resentments are the important thing and these “obscenely” rich people should stop “creating inequality” while giving money away. Given time, the orphans of Romania will doubtless learn to do without while sharing in Ms Williams’ moral satisfaction.
In my previous post I opined that lefties were motivated by their "good intentions". For those of Zoe Williams’ ilk add "resentment" and "stupidity" as motivators.

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