Saturday, June 25, 2011

No grovelling for Conrad

Conrad Black gave a lengthy presentencing statement to the Federal Court judge in Chicago, yesterday.  Maintaining his innocence as always, there was no insincere grovelling for mercy:

"... I believe in the confession and repentance of misconduct and in the punishment of crime. I don't believe in false or opportunistic confessions...."

I also liked his quotes from Kipling, especially the part he addressed to the prosecutors and the media.

A great performance.  Best of luck, Conrad.


Anonymous said...

Shocking outcome and a silly system. They are their own worst enemies and this one is the greatest example.

Alain said...

Another example of the American justice system being a mockery of justice. May we never accept such a corrupt system in Canada.

JR said...

I think one of the biggest problems is the legalized corruption that plagues the prosecutorial system. The blatant extortion, bribery and intimidation of witnesses to testify against procecution targets (or to not testify for them) in return for avoiding prosecution or for light sentences is (or should be) a scandal. Some blame this on the fact that US prosecutors are elected officials. Maybe. But this goes on in our system too - eg. the case of Toronto grocer David Chen in which the thief was co-opted to testify against his victim, Chen.

Alain said...

JR, I was completely unaware that the thief of David Chen's store was co-opted ( I assume by the Crown) to testify against Mr. Chen. That then means that we do have the beginnings of the same type of corruption that one finds in the American system. Disgusting and unacceptable is all I can say. I was outraged enough that Mr. Chen was charged for defending his property and business, but I was unaware of the rest.

JR said...

Yes, Bennett, a thief with a long criminal record got a reduced sentence for his testimony against Chen. It's hard to fathom why prosecutors are so eager to persecute real victims attempting to defend themselves and their property. It seems to happen everywhere Canada.