Friday, June 3, 2011

David Suzuki debates Vivian Krause

My post below  was about Vivian Krause's article exposing those, including the David Suzuki Foundation, who have been campaigning against the Canadian salmon farming industry.

Yesterday, the Suzuki Foundation responded to Krause's article, denying her claims and accusing her of being a shill for the salmon farming industry.

Today, Vivian's response to Suzuki is a highly detailed rebuttal including:
... You note that I used to work in the salmon farming industry. That's true. That was in 2002 and 2003, eight years ago. I also did two short consultancies in 2007. For those, I was paid $10,000 and $7,750, respectively. As I've said many times, since July of 2007 I have not worked for the salmon farming industry in any paid capacity. In January, I was the keynote speaker at the Nova Scotia Annual Aquaculture Conference but apart from my airfare and hotel costs, I was not paid. Over the years, I have also tried to support the Aboriginal Aquaculture Association in small ways but I have not been paid.

To be clear, if anyone has reason to be an adversary of the salmon farming industry, it might be me. After all, I was fired.
The debate score (scale of 0-10): Suzuki - zip, Vivian Krause 10.

Keep up the great work, Vivian.


hunter said...

And to top it off, Ezra gave her 10 minutes to talk about the issue.

JR said...

How did we get by without SNN? No other network would touch most of what we now see daily there.

Thucydides said...

Since Ezra is exploring the flood of American money going to fund causes that are not in the Canadian interest, perhaps in a future episode he can look at AVAAZ, which has been active in lobbying against Sun TV and the Conservative government (particularly in the last election. Are American political outfits legally allowed to participate in the Canadian electoral process?)

Lots of interesting stories out there...

JR said...

Good question, Thucy. It seems to me it should be illegal - otherwise foreigners potentially have more say in Canadian affairs than Canadians. We need the likes of Vivian Krause, the FP Comment team (Corcoran, Foster, Solomon, Watson) and SNN to keep shining sunlight on the problem.