Sunday, June 19, 2011

A hero of the Vancouver riots

Bert Easterbrook of New Westminster, BC is one of the heros who tried to intervene in the mayhem.  This video shows what he was up against - a mob of violent, drunken, criminal imbeciles:

[via Captain Vancouver]

Compare and contrast Bert with police car igniter Nathan Kotylak who, no doubt assisted by the family lawyer, has since come forward.


NeilD said...

Those holding their cell phones high must have confused that with action and bravery.They look to be in the hundreds yet not one stepped forward to lend a hand.
Ladies and gentlemen of the world, I give you a brand new definition of 'coward'.

maryT said...

Those cowards remind me of the male students that walked out of a classroom and allowed several female student be murdered. Wonder if any of them are in that crowd.

JR said...

I agree. Bert did have a few supporters here, but they were vastly outnumbered by morons who were more interested in either recording or participating in his assault and the wrecking of the truck. Pathetic!