Wednesday, June 1, 2011

On the road to "if it isn't forbidden it's mandatory"

Via Blazing Cat Fur - the NDP wants to put cancer warning labels on cell phones.

That makes three consecutive posts on creeping statism.  Brison's mandatory voting, the 2,4D ban and now cell-phones which, as the story above notes, is about more than just cell-phones:
"It’s WiFi, baby monitors and cordless home telephones, which all operate at 2.4(gigahertz)," 
We gotta get a grip! It's time to break out the tar and feathers and do a few "activists".


Alain said...

Government, municipal, regional, provincial and federal, needs to limit itself to its mandate, which is not social engineering. Unless the citizens start demanding that government remove itself of social engineering: telling us what we can and must do along with what we must not do. To continue allowing this will result in an end to all and any personal choice and freedom.

JR said...

"... an end to all and any personal choice and freedom."

just what the socialists and social engineers want. They see everyone else as dumb livestock to be herded and penned-in.