Thursday, June 2, 2011

Earth to earthlings: "Atmospheric CO2 is not a problem"

A long essay by Pat Frank concludes:

... In the context of the IPCC’s very own ballpark, Earth itself is telling us there’s nothing to worry about in doubled, or even quadrupled, atmospheric CO2.


Missisauga Tom said...

I subscribe to an interesting journal called "First Things". It's an American publication concerning religion, philosophy and observations on the passing scene. It was started by a Lutheran pastor who later decided he would be more comfortable as a Catholic priest. The current issue contains an article on greenhouse gasses. The article is avilable "free" on its website, "". I think it is worth a peek - it agrees with the thesis in this post.

JR said...

Thanks, Tom. I'm familiar with "First Things". It's an interesting site. As it happens I wrote a short post a couple of weeks ago on that 'First Things' essay about GHGs.