Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Suing the useful idiots behind the Canadian Boat to Gaza

Eye On A Crazy Planet:
Canada has designated Hamas, the "Islamic Resistance Movement" in Gaza, as a terrorist organization and it is a criminal offense in Canada to provide aid to terrorists.

Why then are Canadians allowed to launch an effort to provide Hamas terrorists with material aid without facing prosecution in the Canadian courts?

This is a question effectively being asked by a law suit just launched against "Turtle Island Humanitarian Aid" and the Montreal-based activist organization Alternatives International which has become notorious as a recipient of taxpayer money while working for an agenda that conflicts with Canada's foreign policy goals.

Cherna Rosenberg is a Canadian citizen who divides her time between Israel and Canada. She is the plaintiff in a million dollar law suit against the Canadian organizers of a boat meant to challenge Israel's arms embargo of Hamas-ruled Gaza.



Alain said...

Kudos and best of luck to her, for it is about time that these Canadians were held responsible for their actions. I also hope others will do the same, but I find it concerning that the Canadian government continues to ignore these law-breakers and take no action.

oxygentax said...

Perhaps she should include a couple of locals of CUPE and CUPW in that lawsuit too.

Pissedoff said...

Perhaps she should include the Harper party who declared them illegal but do not have the balls to back it up.

JR said...

Actually, Pissed, it was Jean Chretien's Liberals who declared Hamas a terrorist organization in November 2002.

But you are right that the Harper gov't ought to be doing everything it can to enforce Canadian anti-terrorist policy, including going after the organizers of the Canuck Boat to Gaza (a.k.a. "Sea Hitler").

hunter said...

I love the name "Sea Hitler"! Defund the organizations. Glad to see that people on the right are starting to use the lefty lawfare weapon, it should work even better for us because we actually have facts to back up our claims.