Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fitting punishment for the Vancouver rioters - the pillory and a good caning

Rex Murphy is seriously choked up (video here) about Wednesday's rioting in Vancouver:

... Those clod poles, ne'er-dowells, vandals, punks, thugs and assorted clueless dolts ... a pathetic pack of cowardly destructive losers ... the scum of the earth ...whiny, pampered, useless sacks of skin ...
... all of the vandals and hooligans, within the confines of what is absolutely legal, should be sought out, named, charged, and offered real, substantial penalties ...
I couldn't agree more!  But what would constitute "real, substantial penalties"? Real jail time, paying for damages and substantial fines would be good.  However, in addition, these destructive nitwits deserve to be publicly humiliated

So, let's bring back the pillory to the public square.  Fitting punishment would be a minimum of ten days days kicked-off with the convicted miscreants receiving a solid public whipping or caning (their choice, it's a free country after all).  This should also serve as a serious deterrent to other "useless sacks of skin".

Sadly, however, Ricardo is likely closer to the truth about what will actually happen under our useless touchy-feely "justice" system.

Meanwhile, Captain Vancouver is busy documenting as many of the scum bag rioters as he is able to.


ID the Thugs YEA ! said...

They used to put a tattoo on the foreheads of criminals as a permanent marker.

These vandals, thugs, morons & fools have something even worse. They have a digital tattoo, one that will live forever in the Internet, identifying these idiots for all times.

An ID for potential employees.
An ID for future police actions.

A permanent digital tattoo that will follow their useless, pathetic lives around, haunting their career prospects, marriage & family plans . . . everything they ever do.

Sure hope they had fun at the riot, 'cause their riot induced digital tattoo is sure now gonna have fun with their lives.

And they deserve all the future digital tattoo inspired justice they receive.

Peter said...

Let me be the Judge at their trail and I would sent them all to the army for three years. Make them go through basis training and preform a few maneuvers in our north country. Any money they would make would go toward the damage they made. Might as well take them off the streets as they are no good to society the way they think and act now.

Maybe they would learn some respect for property and I know they would earn some discipline!

JR said...

For some of the less serious offenders army boot camp discipline might be good. I still think the instigators and other more serious offenders deserve a good dose of public humiliation (add spanking, 40 hard paddle whacks on the ass, as a substitute for the cane or whip) on top of anything else they get (boot camp and/or jail time and fines).