Thursday, June 16, 2011

Junk Science Week

Peter Foster on species extinction and climate refugees:
... the man who both made the 50 million [climate refugees by 2010] projection and was also perhaps more than any other person responsible for hyping the extinction scare, Oxford environmentalist Norman Myers. Intriguingly, the more Prof. Myers is proved wrong, the more he goes on the attack, while his backers castigate critics rhetorically for just not “caring” about refugees and extinction....
Rob Roy Ramey and Laura MacAlister Brown on species extinctions:

... Erroneous extinction predictions may seem laughable, but when they end up being cited as a basis for governmental policy, via the U.S. Endangered Species Act (ESA) or the Canadian Species At Risk Act (SARA), or used in litigation under these laws, they have real-world implications....
Terence Corcoran on rising sea levels:

... In summary, add disappearing Venice and drowning Pacific islands to scores of other IPCC myths about the impact of climate change.
Steve McIntyre on a Greenpeace study:

... Everyone in overall IPCC group – known as Working Group III — associated with this report should be terminated [with extreme prejudice] and, if the institution is to continue, it should be re-structured from scratch.

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