Monday, November 21, 2011

The trouble with Canada

In a post yesterday I wrote that there was little appreciation in Canada of the British origins of of our liberty.
I realize I should acknowledge that a few do have such an appreciation - as proved (in spades) by William D. Gairdner in his recent book "The Trouble With Canada - Still!":


Sean M said...

Thanks for posting this JR. Another book on my Christmas list. It's very sad how Canada was forcibly estranged from our British history and traditions. There's a lot of reasons I despise Trudeau, his contempt for our British heritage is one of many on my list. Even as a boy I wondered why we had to throw our history out the window, and begin to pretend we were something other then what we were. It didn't make any sense when I was a boy and certainly makes no sense as an adult. I think for Turdo it was simple. Cast the nation adrift from it's roots and render the populace ignorant and therefore easier to manipulate. I would say, with exceptions, mission accomplished. It's just sad that a warped, radicalized fancy boy like Trudeau could do so much damage and still be idolized by some, however, I do believe history will not be kind to the little midget dictator from Quebec. Most Canadians wouldn't even know what the BNA Act is, never mind the Magna Carta, and that is tragic.

JR said...

It's a great read Sean, and I'm only about a hundred pages in. Gairdner is a very impressive guy.

Caasandra Bradley said...

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