Friday, November 18, 2011

Who's bankrolling the Vancouver mayor?? - Part II

Brian Hutchinson in the National Post:
... the mayor’s lead in polls is narrowing over challenger Suzanne Anton, a moderately right-of-centre city councillor.
But there’s a far more important matter in front of Mr. Robertson and his municipal slate, Vision Vancouver. It’s a campaign funding story, first raised a year ago by local researcher and writer Vivian Krause but ignored by most media, and avoided by the mayor himself. ...
... Ms. Anton waited until this last week of the municipal election campaign to raise the issue. In a press release Tuesday morning, the NPA [presented the facts rooted out by Vivian Krause and ended with] ... “Anton says these are important questions, not only because it is illegal for charities to donate to political parties, but also because it gives the appearance of foreign-funded charities trying to influence public policy. ‘This is a serious issue and the Mayor needs to come clean on his knowledge and involvement,’ says Anton.”
It's odd that there's been so little about this in the local media. And Suzanne Anton should have been hyping it for weeks.

See also this Straight article about the story and their interview with Vivian Krause where she answered an attempted smear by a Robertson supporter related to Tides executive Joel Solomon:

... Krause told the Straight over the phone that she's not making much money doing this research.
... "I'm not on anyone's dime," Krause claimed. "But I will say this. I am fighting for something here. It's not the big oil companies. It's not the NPA, and it's definitely not the Norwegian salmon-farming companies. It's the poor people in towns like Port Hardy on the north coast of Vancouver Island—which is the poorest part of our country—where there is up to 20 percent unemployment in those little towns. It's not boomtown Vancouver, like it has been here because of the Olympics. There are places that are hurting. They're the places where these billion-dollar foundations are shutting down what are actually fairly well-run industries. Yes, they have environmental impacts, but they're not the monsters that they're made out to be."


Patsplace said...

So very few people connect the dots to the people that are Uber-dedicated to the ruin of Canada and any other Capitalist countries. The info. is all there and it's a huge whack of info. If this info can get out before the fall, the society that we know can be saved, if not, it's grubbing for crusts of bread, rioting in the streets and horrors beyond imagination.

dmorris said...

If this is truly Krause's agenda,and I have no reason to disbelieve her,then she is a new "hero" to me.

I have lived in many smaller towns in B.C., and always thought the quality of life in those communities was preferable to joining the rat race that is life in the overcrowded,under-infrastructured Lower Mainland.

Tides and the other Foundations couldn't care less about the harm they do in trying to return B.C. to the "pristine" state it hasn't enjoyed since 1800.

I don't want to go back to mud huts,yurts,or tipis,modern housing and all the conveniences are fine with me. If we let the fanatics of the green movement hold power over us, we'll soon be forced to live in a few massive cities in designated areas,while the rest of the Province is untouchable Park land. Bambi will prosper while we live in hell.

They are anti-modern,anti-industrial age utopians,and the consequences of their actions never occurs to them.

Defeat them at the polls,and send them back into the political closet where they belong.

JR said...

I don't get to vote in Vancouver but I've got my fingers crossed that Robertson gets dumped. It won't stop Tides from pushing its agenda but it would set them back a notch or two.