Tuesday, April 23, 2013

BC politics - Godawful choices (Adrian Dix's NDP the worst)

There's no one to vote for.  The only choices are bad choices:
     Liberals: can't be trusted; extortionate anti-pipeline policy. 
     NDP: tax and spend; excessively green, anti-development; funded by American eco-interests
     Conservatives: weak; not running a candidate in my riding.

So it's either not vote or hold my nose and vote Liberal. Bah!

Ezra Levant makes some great points about the Dix NDP's dismal agenda:


Alain said...

Indeed and due to this it may just be the first time in my adult life that I do not bother to vote. We have a beautiful and wonderful province, but our choice in political parties puts us even below Quebec in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

We're having the same problem. Which will be the best of the bad choices we're given.

Peter said...

I simply can't believe that British Columbians are so stupid as to put the NDP in power. Didn't they learn from the last time? As Gump's Mama says, "Stupid is as stupid does."

British Columbians are stupid.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't going to vote but I saw Thomas Mulcair was in BC campaigning and that makes me mad. So I am voting Liberal to stop the NDP.
My husband belongs to the Steel workers Union today we got nice little pamphlets in the mail telling us how wonderful the NDP are and that we should vote for them. GGRRRR

Anonymous said...

I'm voting BC Conservative, not that will do any good, but the alternatives are dreadful, at best. BC LIberals shot themselves in the head by letting Clark hijack the leadership process, and now we're going to have foreign eco nuts running our beautiful Province with a dyed in the wool marxist as Preimer. It's all so terribly frustrating, and tragic.

Lorne Russell said...

I too am voting Conservative, even though they look more like the Keystone Cops than a party ready to lead BC.

My other choice was to not vote at all, but since I'm in Kelowna, which should be a safe riding for the Liberals, I'll cast my protest vote.

potato said...

Since all levels of government are essentially run by megalomaniacs maybe the best alternative is to vote as many independents as possible. Then nothing will get done which, these days, seems like the most appealing scenario.

Don said...

I'm voting for the Green candidate in my riding.

Not because I'm an eco-fruit. I'm very conservative, but there's no conservative running in my riding.

My rationale is this: The BCLibs have f****d up this province. I remember the 90s and the NDP f****d up this province pretty bad. How much worse can the Greens f*** it up? Well, let's find out.

JR said...

Agreed - beautiful province, completely f'd up politics! Sad.