Monday, April 8, 2013

On news of Thatcher's death the left spews hatred

Left's chorus of hatred: Champagne in the streets, students union cheers and vile internet taunts

Parties break out to celebrate

The trendy, Left-wing gadflies celebrating Margaret Thatcher's death

The Twitterverse



Anonymous said...

It's not like Stephen Harper's bad manners in cheering for Hugo Chavez's death.

Anonymous said...

Link with quote please, hearsay just won't do.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes the lefty loosies are terrible people aren't they. From Bob the postman covered in piercings and tatoos that always insists on saying good morning to me to Lucy the librarian that foolishly works in a dead end job helping my daughter research periodicals.

Sincerely Righty Tighty

Anonymous said...

Oh you live in Surrey, no wonder you are so miserable.

My condolences.

Anonymous said...

Hey rickcole aka anonymous #1. I don't believe Thatcher ever killed any of her opponents. Go back to reading The Star and Heather Mallick.


JR said...

Hmmm, some weird comments :|

Righty Tighty, I'm curious, why would you try to paint those particular people as lefty loosies(sic)? (1) Are they lefties? (2)All legal employment is honourable employment. Try not to be so bitter.

Margaret Thatcher greatly improved the lot of all British citizens including those twisted haters. They know not what they do.