Monday, April 15, 2013

Justin "... in way over his head"


BC Blue: "Media Party very unhappy with Conservative’s Trudeau ad"

Globe and Mail editorial: "Justin Trudeau should fight back against attack ads" [translation: "We've got your back, Justin"]


Anonymous said...

That was GREAT!!! I love that ad!

It is also going to be fun watching the national spoiled brat get his ass kicked by the NDP. Historically the NDP hav had to play flunky to the Libs because the Dips were the third place also-rans but now they have the opposition and they are not going to give up what they see as "hard fought gains" to the Liberals. They'll fight like hell not to return to 3rd place.

Mulcair will finally do something useful. He'll tear little Justin to shreds and split the left vote. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Can't they get better ad writers than this? I shudder to think what the French ads are going to be like.


JR said...

Wait for it, they're just getting started.

Anonymous said...

I love it when the Harper hate machine is spewing venom. Harper is at his best when he attacks his rivals with cheapshots!

Anonymous said...

Payback is a bitch Libs. Turn it up boys!

JR said...

Cheapshots? As the ad makes clear, in his own words, Justin Trudeau is a Liberal cheapshot.

wilson said...

We have watched Liberal's hate machine for 7 months, the entire Liberal leadership race was an antiHarper campaign, and the attack ads cost the LPC nothing, the media provided it free.

So now it's our turn. The ads are good!

Anonymous said...

It should not go un-noticed that the media and other shiny Turd followers are attempting to manufacture a climate of silence that surrounds No.2, and protects him from the usual critical gaze and scrutiny of those that would seek the office of PM. The media want to keep No.2 in a protective bubble, but even worse than that, they want to silence those that would criticize or scrutinize the shiny turd by going on the attack against those that do. The media agenda is to go on the attack against those that would "attack" the substitute drama teacher so as to create a climate of silence and self censorship, a kind of perverse political correctness built specifically for servicing the Shiny Turd.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be supporting the Liberals in any case ...BUT... here you have a party that had a choice:
Marc Garneau, a former CF officer who served his country, head of tha Canadian Space agency- (a government organization that deals in science, academia, private business and other government agencies and has to coordinate with foriegn government agencies)

MP and well known for accomplishing something only 600 people in the world have ever done - going into space.


Justin Trudeau ....part timne drama teacher

And they chose trudeau. Does the Lib party really deserve our vote?

Anonymous said...

With all the bashing so far, the election isn't until 2015, the Parties are afraid of him! Why would they all bash him as soon as he won the Liberal leadership. He hasn't bashed anyone. A perfect gentlemen!

Anonymous said...

I will never vote NDP, ever again....I did for some time....but no more.