Friday, April 12, 2013

EU opposing Keystone XL to push its carbon markets

Keystone XL Opposition not based on Reason or Climate Change but on EU Carbon Markets:
EU Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard of Denmark says President Obama should veto Keystone XL to make good on his global warming rhetoric or institute a carbon tax. There is neither reason nor science to back up Hedegaard’s claims say Friends of Science.

... “People should be following the money in the argument against Keystone XL,” says Len Maier. “Large mission based investment firms have dumped trillions into carbon trades or green energy start-ups. They will lose their shirts if the climate scare and carbon trade markets dry up.”
Corruption in "clean" energy:
Maier points out that the EU carbon market was just barely resuscitated last month. In Italy the Mafia have been making hay in clean energy. According to an April 4 ABC News article, the police confiscated $1.7 billion in clean energy assets of the “Lord of the Wind” - Vito Nicastri - including 43 wind and solar energy companies, 98 properties and 66 bank accounts.


AEK said...

It is simply amazing that the EU would implement an international energy consumption tax based on flaky, unproven science, with trillions invested and at risk.

Countless fortunes have already been lost in Europe through their mismanaged carbon tax, and so now the same fools that are bankrupting their socialist economies with excessive spending are doubling down on their carbon tax in hopes that the USA and therefore also Canada will 'buy in' and bail them out?

European countries have forgotten the basic rules of productive competitive economies. They are so bloated with layers upon layers of socialist bureaucrats (Eurocrats) that now all they know now is how to tax, subsidize, scam, and spend.

The last thing that Canada and the United States should do is join the European Union Carbon Tax scam.

JR said...

I agree 100% but it wouldn't surprise me if Obama started a carbon tax and Harper followed suit.