Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Climate science fraudsters confess (sort of)

After Steve McIntyre pointed out the serious 'flaws' in their paper (which had received world-wide media coverage screaming certain doom) the authors, Marcott et al, give a half-assed confession:
"Without providing any links to or citation of Climate Audit, they now concede: 
20th century portion of our paleotemperature stack is not statistically robust, cannot be considered representative of global temperature changes, and therefore is not the basis of any of our conclusions."
Ross McKitrick:
"... the authors made very strong claims about the implications of their findings regarding 20th-century warming. Yet at no point did they mention the fact that the 20th century portion of their proxy reconstruction is garbage..."


johndoe124 said...

Meanwhile our politicians are still acting like Sargeant Schultz, "I hear/see nothing!"

JR said...

True ... while continuing to publicly worry about and implement policy to control "carbon emissions".