Thursday, April 18, 2013

Trudeau reveals his inner sophomore

Barbara Kay:
How can the son of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, presumably aware of his father’s role in quashing Canada’s only contemporary terrorist movement, be mouthing these shallow, superannuated bromides of the left?

Trudeau père did not waste a second anguishing over whether these terrorists felt ‘excluded’ or ‘marginalized’.
Jonathan Kay:
... Never did the Tory caricature of Trudeau as a dilettante seem more accurate. Indeed, the Liberal leader’s own words are far more damaging than the Tories’ silly and intellectually dishonest attack ads (whose lameness, until now, had been dominating national political gossip this week). ... [It seems Jon has his mind made up about the Tory ads and can't alter it even when Justin once again proves them accurate.  Intellectually, Jon is to Barbara as Justin is to Pierre.]


Anonymous said...

No.2 is an actor, a second rate actor at that, just like his old man. Not a care in the world for the victims because in Justines world the terrorists are the vicitims. The terrorists feel "excluded" and No.2 wants to give them a rub down in an attempt to relieve their "tensions". "In way over his head"... to put it mildly... the little puke is an idiot! An intellectual skid mark that believes he should run the country because his name is Trudeau, just like his vacuous followers. No.2 should stick to doing what he does best, looking at himself in the mirror. Bloody Ponce!

Polardiscoball said...

Funny how all that Quebecor mud and attacks like this just slide off but condition his dreamy hair.

Go Justin go!

Anonymous said...

I'm with number 1 on this one.
There is no misinterpretation here.

Anonymous said...

Better sophomore more than oldmore.

Have you seen Harpers Gut?

Oh that's right ya'll have the same CPC soft in the middle.



Justine 2015

Anonymous said...

suck it fatcon bitches

JR said...

Better sophomore more than oldmore.
Have you seen Harpers Gut?

More evidence of what attracts Justin's groupies - the airheaded cult of youth and celebrity.