Monday, April 1, 2013

Mark Jaccard - Simon Fraser U's answer to James Hansen

Radical activist and climate alarmist, Mark Jaccard of Simon Fraser University says that newspaper articles promoting projects that produce GHGs should carry warnings like cigarette packages:
Jaccard wrote an article for The Vancouver Sun that ran on the OpEd page. He used it to argue forcefully that anyone who writes in The Sun or other publications in support of projects that release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere should have to also explain how they will contribute to catastrophic climate change.

He said The Sun should add a warning similar to that carried on cigarettes to any article that failed to make such a connection. It would say:
“The author has declined to explain that, according to scientists, this project would contribute to a climate catastrophe for you and your children.”
In White Rock, BC last year Jaccard, much like that other nut-bar climate activist, James Hansen, was arrested for his participation in a protest against coal trains.


Anonymous said...

the terminally stupid continue to get press exposure.

Richard said...

I hate to think what attending one of his classes would be like.

JR said...

It would be almost as painful as attending a "Women's Studies" class.

Anonymous said...

I listened to his presentation to the US Congress on Keystone pipeline.

Terminally stupid is too kind of a description. He talks about being sensitive to CO2 "pollution", meanwhile the earth is cooling rapidly, just as scientists who are not part of the alarmist crowd predicted.

Bottom line, CO2 is a plant food, and the amount of warming is very small, maybe not even measurable. It is a travesty that this person is a professor. He clearly does not keep up with the actual science and the cooling that is going on. (almost 17 years now with no statistically significant warming, despite rising CO2.)