Thursday, October 30, 2014

Disgusting! The Ottawa Citizen provides a platform to a convicted Islamist killer

Giving a convicted Islamist killer op-ed space in a newspaper is bad enough.  But doing it on the day of the funeral of a victim of Islamist terrorism is beyond the pale.  The editors of the Ottawa Citizen should hang their heads in shame.

I think Ezra had it right when he opined that the op-ed was actually drafted by the murderer's lawyers as propaganda in their lawsuit against the Canadian taxpayers.  That makes the Ottawa Citizen complicit in a law suit on behalf a convicted terrorist.  Even more disgusting!


Alain said...

I think, I certainly hope, that this will backfire and produce the opposite result for them. For anyone who is a committed leftist, I believe they will see how appalling and insulting to Canadians this attempt is. By the government refusing to apply the proper law against treason in this case, it has allowed this outrageous charade to continue.

Martin said...

Truly an extraordinary poor judgment call by the editorial staff, almost as if they have a death wish considering their circulation numbers. The CPC did very well in greater Ottawa in 2011 taking 4 of 7 seats and more in the surrounding areas. So a significant number of readers can be assumed to be most displeased with this editorial.
At the Citizen, even more than elsewhere there is a huge disconnect between the writers and the publishing/business people. Complaints forwarded to the publisher recently about the leftward shift of columnists met with his tacit agreement. That is the place to direct your complaints.

Alain said...

Re: my comment. Correction: I meant to write "For anyone who is not a committed leftist,..."

tao_taier said...

@Alain, October 30, 2014 at 5:58:00 PM PDT

I think it applies to the left as well, given what to the "muslim vote" in municipalities with muslim candidates. They voted against their religious preferences, either staying home or even voting conservative, in light of events.
We have lots of people from the middle east who left those countries to get away from that junk and oppressive governments.
So there is hope for humanity even where some don't expect it.

JR said...


Possibly, but on the other hand, Islamists in the USA overwhelmingly back those most ready to appease radical Islam.

It's no different here as far as I can see.

tao_taier said...

It's good you pointed that out, but I meant on an individual level, not interest groups.
They're are the ones that aren't pious towards the koran etc, and just want to live life but are surrounded by a culture they tried to move away from.
Then some uncle from a 'distant century' threats them in some way and 'so on so forth'.

Only a more extreme version of what organized crime families would do, extortion etc.
Just a lot worse and beyond the realm of a few neighborhood blocks.
Speaking of which, on a smaller scale, I've always noticed that on the flip side there are non-pious muslims that let their kids get away with ciminalistic behavior.
The worst sadistic delinquents I've known of were middle eastern. Though the most repulsive were non-muslim Canadian gutter trash.
I could trace all these ills back to the various flavors of socialism, quite easily.