Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Let us pray for Sun News Network

On the news that Post Media has gobbled up Quebecor's English language Sun newspapers, Chris Selley wrote one of his typically snotty, derisive pieces on Ezra Levant and Sun News Network.

Chris Selley suffers from Levant Derangement Syndrome (LDS).  He writes as if all he has watched of Ezra’s prime-time show is his most recent hilarious "outrage" (eg. bringing up the foppish Liberal leader’s parentage).  It’s not that exposing Trudeau’s supreme unfitness for Canada’s top job isn’t important work but Selley has, apparently, missed the other 99.9% of Ezra’s excellent work including but not limited to:

Freedom (free speech, free enterprise, democracy and the rule of law)
Lib/left media (the Media Party) group think
the global warming debate
anti-oil fanaticism
foreign funding of Canadian radicals
“Occupy”, “Idle No More”,  and other radical leftist “movements”
Islamicism and the war on terror
anti-Christian bigotry on the lib/left
China, Russia, 
Putin, Ukraine ...

For a full hour show, five days a week, he covers this wide range of topics (often personally, on the street and in the field) with great wit and intelligence, interviewing knowledgeable, expert guests with skill, aplomb and respect.  Selley and his LDS aside, let  us hope and pray that Sun News with Levant, Lilley, Coren and many others continues and never, ever, falls under the management of a Media Party conglomerate.


Anonymous said...

I suspect that unless a buyer for Sun News is found they will be cut loose from Quebecor. In all likelihood they are toast as they already lose millions a year and now have lost their source for news and possibly some on air talent. I doubt Post Media will allow them to do double duty on air and in print.

JR said...

SNN was losing money earlier on but I'm not sure where they are now. Did they get the wider audience they were hoping for, or not? You may (or may not) have a point.

I suppose it's possible that some Sun print media journalists might not be permitted to contribute to SNN on-air. But that would depend on their professional relationship to the company. For example, some journalists could be independently syndicated, like say Andrew Coyne, and be free to independently contribute to whatever media outlet (print, on-line or on-air) is willing to buy their product.

Also SNN & Postmedia could work out some kind of mutually beneficial deal.

Let's hope your pessimism is unwarranted.

Anonymous said...

They are still losing money.