Saturday, October 11, 2014

Major networks collude in attempt to limit free speech

Brian Lilley provides all we need to know about the latest Media Party attempt to
a) smear the Harper government
b) protect its candidate, Justin Trudeau, and
c) limit free speech

Hmmm, to me this smells like illegal collusion by the Media Party network weasels. (Update: Apparently it does to others, too. See BC Blue.)

Here's Brian's column on the history of this dating back to 1988 when the Liberals took the opposite position:
In November 1988, the Liberal Party of Canada went to court to force CBC and CTV to carry their attack ads against Brian Mulroney and his Progressive Conservatives.

... The networks claimed they owned the video footage in question and said the Liberal party’s use of it infringed on their copyright. The networks lost and were forced to run the ads; they were also turned down on appeal by the Supreme Court.
So now the networks are trying to pull the same bullcrap, this time supported by the Liberals?  Outrageous! 

My only question is, if the SCOC has already ruled on this, what do the Conservatives want to change? PM Harper and others have already stated that the Copyright law, as is, is sufficient.

Speaking of outrageous, here's that twit, Don Martin, accusing the Conservatives of "flirting with fascism".

More here and here.


Anonymous said...

For me, the Conservatives laid out the bait and the Trudeau Media took it hook line a sinker. You're right, the laws that exist are sufficient but that didn't stop the Media from trying to break the law in order to sheild their candidate Trudumb from scrutiny. The Trudeau Media may have also broke another law, the "Competition Act.. s.45 (colusion) The Trudeau Media will break any law and demand an end to free speech just to protect their imbecilic candidate Trud Jr from his very own words... astonishing media corruption that should worry all Canadians. What else do the corrupt Trudeau Media have planned?

JR said...

I agree. With the major networks colluding with each other and the Liberals to limit free speech what could we expect from a Liberal government in power. This is all reminiscent of the U.S. media fascination with and covering for Obama. It would be bad news indeed.

And we yet have partisan Liberal/CTV morons like Don ("Dimwit") Martin accusing the Conservatives of "flirting with fascism"!?

JR said...

I sent a comment (see below) in to CTV on Don Martin's piece ("flirting with fascism"). Any chance it will be published? Almost none.

"Flirting with fascism"? Give us a break! Don Martin is so far over the top with his overheated hyperbole he's in deep space. If there are any "fascists" in this story it's the network nitwits attempting to limit free speech, counter to previous SCOC rulings. They tried this gambit in 1988 in an attempt to block Liberals' use of network generated footage against Conservatives, under the "fair dealing" provision of the Copyright Act. The Supreme Court slapped them (the networks) down hard. And now they have the nerve to try it again! Outrageous! This is all about politics and the media party's attempts to protect Justin Trudeau from his own idiotic words. And Don Martin is just one more of Trudeau's juvenile, partisan fan-boys.

Anonymous said...

Justin has been given a pass all his life and has never had the opportunity to fail. He may not have been some rakehell but the network and support systems to keep him from being in some kind of TMZ style expose has always existed to some degree.
The liberal party still in denial that their own pride and lack of principles did them in and a slavish desire to find the one that will lead them back into power never thought to examine justin to see where his head was with regard to policy. Now in complete denial that they made a choice for fashionable and transient reasons, they strike out at any criticism of their leader, not on reason but out of fear that those critics may actually be right that:
- they did only select him because of his last name
- he isn't prepared to lead
- they stand for nothing and subsequently will fall for anything
in short they have been played, not by conservatives, but by their own party aided and abetted by a partisan media.

JR said...

That analysis is very reasonable, anon.

It looks to me that Justin is taking most of his cues and talking points from his younger, far left party backroom boys (eg. Gerald Butts and his (JT's) brother). The positions he's taken, scant and scattered as they've been, all come off as Gen X in origin (progressive, commie sympathizing, marijuana pushing, anti-military, green mongering, climate hyping, anti-capitalist, "class" obsessive, etc) aimed at getting out their own generation's (and younger) vote.

It must be humiliating for the older, more conservative Libs in his caucus, like Ralph Goodale and Marc Garneau, who have been behaving like trained seals defending the young Turks' air-headed positions.

Anonymous said...

Don't you believe in private property rights? A TV station owns its recordings. Sheesh, you have lost your way.

Anonymous said...

The Media have left no doubt that they are corrupt. The Media stunt to thwart free speech to thumb their colluded noses at the Supreme Court ruling of 1988 and their willingness to knowingly break the laws, all in an attempt to shield the Trudeau Party leader from his own words is to say the least, disturbing. At least Canadians now know the lengths to which the media will corrupt the process to protect their chosen candidate, Justine. Very disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Call this act the Bozo Eruption Act.