Wednesday, October 1, 2014

When bold-as-brass Muslims meet gullible Canadian cops ...

... you get a weird booklet about Islamic terrorism inspired and written by radical Muslims with RCMP contribution and apparent endorsement:

Those bad-ass Muslims David Harris spoke about:

Tarek Fatah contends that the RCMP has been infiltrated by radicals while truly moderate Muslims are ignored and shut out [no doubt at the behest of the radicals]:


Anonymous said...

there is no such creature as a moderate muslim. the Koran forbids such a thing.

JR said...

Well, I'd say that Tarek Fatah is one example of a Canadian moderate Muslim and in the USA, Zudhi Jasser. No doubt there are many more but in relation to the total they're vanishingly small in number. You could also say that these moderates are the exceptions that prove the rule.