Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jonathan Kay is a partisan, hopelessly conflicted Media Liberal Party hack

Ezra Levant provides absolute proof in "The book on Jonathan Kay":
Jonathan Kay, the comment editor of the National Post, took half a page in his newspaper last month to criticize me for criticizing Justin Trudeau.
I had insulted Trudeau, said Kay. So Kay insulted me as “cruel,” “hysterical,” “low,” “vile,” “half-demented” and “mendacious.” And he accompanied his column with a huge, unflattering picture of me. He said I wasn’t really even a journalist.

...  the Toronto Star dropped the bombshell that Kay assisted in the creation of Trudeau’s new book.

... I asked my old frenemy how he could keep his Trudeau work a secret from his readers, while choosing what the newspaper’s comment section would publish about Trudeau. His excuse was laughable ...
Well we always knew he was Media Party hack - now we know he's a paid Liberal Party hack. The only question now is when/if the National Post will fire his unethical ass. 

Here's Kay's excuse making today.


Anonymous said...

You and Ezra hate Trudeau. How come you squak about other commentators but you never complain about Ezra's biased entertainment? Why is every other commentator held to a different standard? Because you don't care about honesty and unbiased commentating. You love Ezra's biases and hate guys biased against your gang. Cloaking your biases as ethics is sad and dishonest.

Anonymous said...

oldwhiteguy says.... anon you fail to understand that a member of the media is showing a bias that should require his removal from a position that allows him to choose what is published about a particular politician. everything should be published not just what a political hack and supporter says should be published.

Anonymous said...

What Ezra says is backed up with clips of Trudeau's own words from his bozo eruption mouth.

JR said...


Ezra is very upfront about his own political leanings. He is very, very clear about his biases. There's nothing at all unethical in the editorial positions he takes. And yes, I share his biases. So what? There's nothing "unethical" about that either. Or "dishonest". You don't seem to understand the meaning of either word.

Jonathan Kay, on the other hand, as editorial page gatekeeper for the Post, was dishonest and absolutely unethical in hiding his paid relationship with Trudeau. Based on his conflict of interest, he should be fired from his Post job as editorial page editor. Based on his dishonesty and lack of ethics he should be fired from the Post entirely. He should go to work for the Liberals full time. He'd be a less effective propagandist than working as a mole inside the Post, but he's a perfect fit for the Liberal "team". [As in: "Fish swim, birds fly and Liberals lie". They can't help it. It's in their nature.]

tao_taier said...

"Jonathan Kay is a partisan, hopelessly conflicted Liberal Party hack"

HA! called it. I forget when. It's a blur really. I think back in 2009.

@anon Oct, 22 4:15.

"you never complain about Ezra's biased entertainment?"

Because he is upfront and obvious about his bias, doesn't hide it.
I don't care for his giddy obnoxiousness but he nails serious points on the head and backs it up clear evidence.
I personally don't like his way of going about it, but in this silly PC inverted inside-out world, I can understand his frustration screeching like a kettle on fire.
My kettle for such things happens to be bigger I guess.