Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Violent chaos in Ottawa follows Islamist attack in Quebec

Just two days after the deadly Islamist jihadi attack in Quebec comes a deadly attack in Ottawa.  It's yet to be determined who the shooter(s) are.  My bet is, of course, on the Islamists.  Standing by for more news (and more pacifist left/lib and "moderate" Muslim excuse making).

This horrible news is getting wall to wall coverage, even in the USA.

Update - Mark Steyn opines:


Anonymous said...

Really? You want to convert the murder of a soldier into a liberal cheap shot. Are you a brainless unfeeling robot?

Anonymous said...

Lets just hold n until all the facts are in. We all know that Prime Minister Harper and his government have done an excellent job in defending Canada from radical Islam. We all know that Canada has the best security agency and national police force in the world who works with nations such as the U.S., U.K. and Israel. Our top notch security agency, CSIS had prevented numerous attacks against us and our justice system has locked up those terrorists who planned the attacks. The only reason why one slipped through the cracks was because of the liberals and the previous liberal government who were too damn busy creating civil liberties for murders, child rapists and terrorists. The Muslim convert/terrorists in Montreal was already identified as such but the police were unable to arrest him because of a Charter of Rights issues that created a technicality that only put handcuffs on the police instead of the terrorist. The good thing is that he is dead and we can thank the police and God for that.

tao_taier said...

@Anon Oct 22, 2014

Cheap shot? Do you not follow Canadian politics or what Trudeau says?

The "Liberals" are not simply soft on Islam, they give them moral support.

Go do some basic research on it.
Or are you more concerned with feelings?

I could tell you the honest "liberals" are questing their own leaders loyalties about now.
Hopefully the left will do some soul searching over this cuz its their nonsense that enables this crap.

I'm all for pluralism but not when you import hostile cultures in who hate each other and everyone else. I make the same argument against free trade to enemy nations. You cut ties.
You don't accept "refugees" from Islamic countries. They play victim until they hit critical mass past a certain population threshold.(the world over: ).
Even the non hostile ones believe in stealth Jihad to advance their beliefs onto non believers.

I had a friend from London in that got swarmed and stabbed with pens by the same supremacist attitude...

It's great that some muslims left terrible places to escape that misery, but then why still believe in the Allah? I can understand remaining Muslim given that if you renounce it your are at the top of the list to be
murdered. ISIS or whatever they call themselves now, ARE the true face of Islam and all its fundamentals. It's a radical thing to leave. The least they can do is renounce violence.

I don't mean be pacifist. I mean ignoring all the major tenants of Islam.

I'm pro conceal carry, even open carry, and feel everyone should be allowed to defend themselves, and that includes muslims by the way.
And that would of done a lot more to reassure everyone and stop shooters in their tracks.
And make shooters have less of a superiority complex over having a gun in their hand.

Anyway, my argument is about survival, not "feelings".

Alain said...

Islam is at war with us and we continue refusing to identify the enemy. Refusing to recognise that war has been declared will not make it go away. Yet we continue having to put up with the lie that it has nothing to do with Islam, that Islam is a religion of peace and love and that the majority of Muslims are peaceful. Consider that almost one hundred percent of violence across the globe is done by Muslims. Whether the country is basically Christian (the West), Buddhist, Hindu or even Muslim, the violence and killing is done by people following the same ideology. Consider also that every religion has converts, but it is only the converts of Islam who seek to kill and destroy non-believers and even Muslims who disagree with them.

There is a small minority of Muslims who are willing to live in peace with others and do not seek to impose their beliefs on others, but there is a larger number who carry out the violence or support it in one way or another.

Yet we continue accepting large numbers of Muslims into the country without being able to tell which group they are. Any already here who push for Sharia, preach and practise intolerance and even hatred of our laws and culture and seek to impose theirs have no business being here.

It has nothing to do with being racist, as these latest incidents were carried out by white Muslims, but it has everything to do with an imperialist totalitarian ideology. We better wake up to the facts before we end up like Europe.

tao_taier said...

I thought our immigration policy was worked on that its based around skills or some such, and blind to ethnic factors. More market oriented than "family reunification" nonsense, that was exploited to death under the Liberals.
Though I wouldn't pin this incident on immigration just yet. Given that it's an ideology and not a birth right.
Really its a choice.
Even within Islamist.
Are they going to choose to live out their lives viewing things through a perspective of misery and grievance or even (though especially) supremacy for that matter, or one that's mutually beneficial.

Two things they should consider;
Living by 'the golden rule' of treating others how you'd like to be treated and Leonard Read's 'lesson of the pencil'. They really do complement each other.


^I meant 'questioning'. Not questing.

JR said...

Yes, for the lib/left "feelings" trump reality.

Of course we didn't have to wait long for pc "let's ignore-the-real-issue" idiocy to begin. The Toronto Police Service was sure quick with its Muslim outreach, publicly downplaying any Islamic connection to the attacks and instead worrying about an anti-Muslim backlash (which has never materialized, here or in the US).

Then there's this predictable example of bellicose leftist pacificism and anti-Canadian, anti-Western loathing:

... Like those in Afghanistan who suffered 13 years of Canadian bombardment (upwards of a billion Canadian bullets fired), night raids, transfers to torture, and the daily indignities of life under military occupation ...

... The image of a cowering John Baird or Jason Kenney hiding in a barricaded office must have proven a stark contrast to the swaggering, macho manner in which these men urged Canada to declare war on ISIS, further fuelling the flames of fear and hatred against Muslims.

... a wake-up call to seriously examine Canada's negative role on the world stage and the inevitable "climate of hate" to which we are contributing ...

... Perhaps the most immediate impact will be felt in certain communities targeted for racial and religious profiling ...

... media have been quick to point out that although he was a Canadian, he was of "Algerian" heritage, and a recent convert to Islam. Both are completely irrelevant factors ...

... Yesterday provides us with an opportunity to reflect on our insidious contribution to the climate of hate, and the chance to disengage from our increasingly militarized culture.

If this line of thinking were to become dominant we'd be well on our way to committing civilizational suicide - and rolling out the red carpet for the likes of ISIS to take over. The lib/left may be well-meaning but they're definitely dangerous.

JR said...

Then, from Justin Trudeau's address in Ottawa yesterday:

"To our friends and fellow citizens in the Muslim community, Canadians know acts such as these committed in the name of Islam are an aberration of your faith. Continued mutual cooperation and respect will help prevent the influence of distorted ideological propaganda posing as religion. We will walk forward together, not apart."

Translation: "Islam had nothing to do with this."


Anonymous said...

Hey JR you must be disapointed that Harper has not banned Islam in Canada. In fact, 2 terrorist attacks on Harper's watch must have you very concerned with his failed leadership.

JR said...

Well, Anonymous, being a lib/left dimwit (please excuse the redundancy) you would think that.

Actually, since he became PM there have been at least five terror plots in Canada prior to this week's attacks. What they all had in common was extremist Islam (which is plentiful worldwide).

But there's no failure of leadership on this issue. I'm proud of our government's stance on terrorism. Unlike say, Barack Obama, our PM doesn't shy away from identifying it as such and acknowledging its source. That's something there is precious little of from either "moderate" Muslims or the lib/left all over the Western world. From those who constantly harp about wanting to understand "root causes" there's a very troubling unwillingness to acknowledge a glaringly obvious root cause.

tao_taier said...

@anon, Oct 24, at 6:13:00 am.

You sound a lot like this fool:

He then went on to accused the PM of cowardice and incompetence for being swept away during the attack (its protocol idiots) and not addressing the public for hours to "reassure" them....

He then praise the "courage" of Wynne for saying something... miles away from the threat...

Given that authorities were unsure of how many attackers were running around that day, I don't think government can do much to assure anyone from random brazen attacks.

That is were the right to own a gun and defend oneself or others would fill the void as it has in communities that embrace it full tilt.
Evil is the problem, the act to do ill against another has nothing to do with what they choose to use.
You can't legislate against it.
It will always look for the loop hole. Like USING A CAR IN A PARKING LOT!

Thanks JR for calling out that rabble piece. What a sharp contrast to reality. The lines being drawn over these issues are getting clearer and clearer.