Saturday, October 4, 2014

Justin Trudeau on war with ISIS "the signature of an unserious mind"

Rex Murphy on Justin Trudeau's juvenile "joke" about going to war with ISIS:
Is this how an adult, a possible PM, talks? With its mixture of puerile condescension, its smug assurance that any vulgar reference to the Conservatives will “go over” with everyone, it’s an obiter dictum for the age.

... It wasn’t a slip of the tongue. ...  It was the signature of an unserious mind, not to mention a mindless hit on the pilots of Canada’s military ...
Andrew Coyne on the Trudeau/Liberal position:
... The closest he has come to justifying this utterly discreditable position is to suggest that in fact, the best contribution we could make to the fight was to stay out of it ... As the prime minister put it, “being a free rider means you are not taken seriously.”
Anyone who has followed Trudeau's litany of stupid, juvenile comments has long known that he is absolutely unsuited for the job he is seeking.  Most of the media has, up to now, (Sun News excepted)  been playing the role of "Justin's number one fan".  Is it possible that this could mark a turning point in the media's coverage (and cover-up) of Trudeau?  I can dream, can't I?

John Robson (closing with a dismal prediction):

I tend to disagree with Robson's implication that the state of Canada's military readiness is Harper's doing.  Our military has been chronically underfunded since the 1960's.  We, like the Europeans and other allies have been free-riders largely on American strength, which allowed us to spend mightily on such things as our "world class" universal healthcare. While still low in relation to our GDP, military spending rose substantially under Harper and important capabilities like, for example, the CC-177 Globemaster, have been added.


Anonymous said...

It's true. Harper is humourless, therefore everyone should be. In other news, crack smoking and perpetually drunk Rob Ford is a serious conservative.

Whatever. You guys just say whatever suits you at the moment. If Harper was serious about his office he would not use the PMO as a bully pulpit to attack his rivals. Harper lacks the gravitas of a statesman. Adding 25% to the national debt is the work of a failed economist and liar.

Brenton Siddons said...

ignoring the fact that Harper grew the GDP by 60% and maintained the debt to GDP ratio at 35% shows you have ne gravitas at all.

bertie said...

Typical anonymous comment from the FOOLS who back the LIB/NDP and spend their adult life with their heads up their asses.

JR said...

I'm guessing that angry anon would have been much happier if Harper had added 150% to the national debt, because that's what his leftist political heroes would have done had they managed to gain power.