Saturday, September 5, 2015

Dealing with Harper Derangement Syndrome

... Just what it is about the Conservative Leader that sends reasonable people into such fits of hysteria is best examined by historians, or better yet, psychiatrists. But it surely can’t be evidence, for Mr. Harper’s political style is not particularly novel ...
For starters, that they're "reasonable people" may be a bad assumption.

Joanne at Blue Like You wonders how best to deal with HDS.


Alain said...

The meaning of liberal has been stood on its head by the Left, since liberalism traditionally meant the very opposite of a closed mind. It also stood for the complete opposite of statism, big government. Now whatever the label one uses for such people, I must say that every single one is close-minded on every issue under the sun. They follow blindly their ideology and therefore are incapable of debating whatever the issue is. Disagree with their narrative and they resort to name-calling like one used to experience in primary school. I suggest that since the Prime Minister disagrees with their narrative on so many issues, they become hysterical and totally unhinged resulting in HDS.

Anonymous said...

IMO, it is counterproductive to label all media as suffering from HDS. Individual columns, articles, reports should definitely be rebutted and countered with facts. But to dismiss all journalists outright is not helpful to Conservatives/conservatives. It is counterproductive, IMO, to succumb to the same kind of hysteria we deplore in our adversaries

In addition to the Konrad Yakabuski column in the Globe and Mail, there's David Akin's column "Overrated: Accusations of Harper media manipulation"
-- Gabby in QC

Anonymous said...

Do you Harpercons really insist upon Stalinesque levels of compliance from you media? Is 95% editorial support not enough? Last election over 95% of newspapers endorsed Harper, and yet it wasn't enough. Try - just try - to change places and imagine a government whose actions you didn't constantly excuse for unknown reasons, and imagine that this government cheated on every single election they took part in. And paid for partisan as with government funds at an unprecedented level. And basically outlawed free speech (that in any way disagreed with party messaging). And consistently told clear untruths to the public on many occasions on many files. And so on and so on. Then you might see why so many of us wonder how in heck you guys can keep excusing him and his government.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:01
A pure case of HDS
199 reasons not to vote Liberal...those are real scandals....and don't forget the NDP 2.7 MILLION dollar theft of taxpayers money before being given a chance to ruin Canada and when will Mulcair come clean on the bribe money from the Montreal mayor. pfffft
Now we have NDP Fin Donally telling a fabricated lie to the Nation using a dead child to try to win an election.There are many cases of election fraud by the other parties but Elections Canada is in the bag with them, since they ignore them. Ads are used by every Govt...Chretien, WYNNE...the word of the Govt. needs to get out somehow since you can't trust the media, especially CBC to be truthful. The Conservatives have been elected since 2006, suck it up lefty.

Anonymous said...

Recall the fake and phoney 'scandal' of how the natives, feeding the CBC lies, stated Harper had personally demanded body bags be sent to native reserves. That was a one week full on story for the CBC. Yet in the end, it was the nurse on that reserve who had ordered those bags, and had zero to do with harper. Yet not one media outlet apologized to Harper, and the nurse ordering the bags RARELY saw the light of day, not to the same extent of their obsession with the original story.

Recall the week of CBC reporting on if PM Harper took the host at a funeral with zoomed in close-ups of his pocket .First PMSH was castigated for not taking the wafer. Now, as it becomes increasingly clear he did take it - they are starting to go after him for taking it.

Anonymous said...

How about these two stories dragged on for a week
Conservative Leader Stephen Harper hugs his daughter Rachel as he drops her off at school in Ottawa on Tuesday Sept 30, 2008. (Tom Hanson / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

It was a step up from the last time Harper dropped off his kids with media in tow.

In that instance, Harper's first day as prime minister in January 2006, he said goodbye to Rachel and son Ben with a dutiful handshake.

Remember the stories from the media for a week about this one

As the flashbulbs popped, Ms. Merkel spotted an empty space next to her. The man who should have been filling it - Mr. Harper - was nowhere to be seen.

Initial reports suggesting he had missed the picture because he was in the bathroom were denied by officials.

They said he had missed the first family photo after he was pulled aside by officials to brief him on the latest draft G20 communiqué.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the latest media cover up
And now for 3 days this one

While some in the media party have been busy digging up quotes from Conservatives MP's Chris Alexander and Jason Kenney which are unrelated to the Syrian crisis in an effort to show them as uncaring, NDP Fin Donnelly has conducted at least four interviews that I'm aware of in which he has made statements suggesting intimate knowledge of efforts to get Abdullah Kurdi into Canada, strongly suggesting that Canada had a direct responsibility in the deaths of those family members. Those stories and details have since been proven untrue.

We can lay some of the blame on the media for not getting the correct story out but now that the right information is trickling out, who will hold NDP MP Fin Donnelly and his leader Tom Mulcair to account for false stories that were spread in the meantime?

Anonymous said...

Remember the NDP trying to cheat in the election and got caught.
The NDP were ordered to pay back $344,000 in illegal donations. If they were Conservatives they would of had the media in tow and the CBC The National harping on and on for months. Remember the NDP setting up a US front group ally Avaaz to promote robo-calls. Wonder who was really doing the robo calls.
NDP Paul Dewer charged
Liberal Marc Garneau charged
Liberal Frank Valeriote charged
Liberal Marc harb charged($230,000)
The top news after these scandals by the media....JUSTIN LOVES POT.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ September 6, 2015 at 9:01:00 AM PDT, it's not "compliance" I and probably my fellow conservatives seek -- those "Harpercons" you refer to, although I don't claim to speak for them all. I believe what we seek is rather "reliance": the ability to trust the media to dig up factual information, not a contrived agenda-driven story designed to demonize the Conservative party and its leader in particular while trying to practically canonize other political leaders, ignoring their gaffes and misdeeds.
-- Gabby in QC

johndoe124 said...

I think part of the problem is that Progressives view the government as an extension of themselves. In some kind of creepy way they expect the government to personify their inner control-freak. Hence, when Conservatives are in power, it's like having a malfunctioning lobe, maybe something like internalized epilepsy. So, naturally they will act deranged until their lobe is in sync again.

Anonymous said...

Well there at least two peer reviewed studies that say "Liberals", "Progressives" or whatever they call themselves these days suffer from various mental disorders. No amount of facts or truths will penetrate their mental illness. "LIberal/Progs" are like angry, spoiled, socially and emotionally stunted children that are easily and willingly manipulated by an ever corrupt and dishonest agenda driven Media. Some "progressives" are well to do types, trust fund dandies and political elitists that cynically view other lesser progs as fools, useful idiots to be effortlessly and willingly manipulated, convinced in the need for Big Government to "look after them". PM Harper does not cater, nor pander to this mental illness and he is smarter than pretty much every so called "journalist" in the country. The Media that leads the "progressive" fools parade HATE PM Harper because he is smarter than them and refuses to play along with the "progressive" agenda to enslave all of humanity and treat the country's citizens like helpless open mouthed children that need an ever growing Government to take care of them. "Progressives" hate freedom, they hate individuality and they hate progress, but most of all they hate those that refuse to go along with their bogus narratives and specious agenda, like spoiled inarticulate children they express their frustration with their own lives through hatred of others.

Anonymous said...

Wow...reading this union plan for the election is really scary....REALLY scary what they plan to do to overtake the current Govt. read it and puke

Anonymous said...

Unions don't like Conservatives because they want them to account where they spend their during elections to fight the Govt. Not all union members want their money spent on support for separatist Mulcair like the separatist union in Quebec supporting Mulcair.
The same reason the native chiefs hate PM Harper...they don't want to account for the theft of taxpayers money while their people live in squalor while the chiefs are millionaires.

Anonymous said...

" I believe what we seek is rather "reliance": the ability to trust the media to dig up factual information, not a contrived agenda-driven story designed to demonize the Conservative party and its leader in particular while trying to practically canonize other political leaders, ignoring their gaffes and misdeeds."

Yes,yes,yes! Gabby@11:40am - Trusting our media gets harder by the minute. Not to mention the untruths told by MP Donnelly to the Ottawa Citizen that started this whole pile-on of misinformation.

We should expect much more of our media. MUCH MORE. Perhaps this is what's turning so many off mainstream news and views.


Anonymous said...

Conservatives run 2 years of cheap shot hate ads against Trudeau. Then say everybody has derangement for Harper. Fuck off. You guys are retards.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:29

Remember shoulders in our streets , in Canada, We didn't make this up ads by the Liberals.
or:Due the melodramatic nature of the ads, they became ripe for Internet parody and found their way into the satire of popular culture. Some were later reprinted in the Globe and Mail and National Post newspapers. The comedy show This Hour Has 22 Minutes and Royal Canadian Air Farce also created a series of parodies of the attack ads.[2] Even the American comedy The Daily Show ran its own parody of the ads, with anti-Canadian rhetoric.

Some of the more famous examples that were printed in the National Post were:
"Stephen Harper has a dog. You know who else had a dog? Hitler. Adolf Hitler. That's who. Did Stephen Harper train his dog to attack racial minorities on command? We don't know. He's not saying."
"Stephen Harper likes to wear black. You know who else wears black? Darth Vader. Do you really want Darth Vader running your country?"
"In 1963, In Dallas, democratic president John F. Kennedy was shot and killed. Where was four year old Stephen Harper? We Don't Know. He's not saying. We didn't make this up"
"Stephen Harper wants to put a giant laser on the moon. He will use it to burn his initials into Greenland. We're not making this up, We're not allowed to make stuff up."
Who's the retards?? Trudeau...just not ready.