Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hillary comes out against Keystone XL

But does so under cover of the Pope's visit:
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has come out against the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline. It's something she has spent months avoiding taking a position on — and her announcement coincided with the mass media event of Pope Francis' landing at Andrews Air Force Base.
 [Via PJ Media]


Anonymous said...

old white guy says .............Hillary is just another democrat criminal who will have hers, she just does not care who freezes or starves and it will come to that eventually. sooner or later fossil fuels will be necessary for the survival of the human species. fossil fuels have given us the truly prosperous life most of us enjoy, cut that off, chaos will be a small thing.

Anonymous said...

really not surprising... Killery Clinton is a criminal, probably the only thing she is good at, crime. Clinton is like all "progressives" an anti humanist, anti western, authoritarian. Clinton is appealing to the base of "progressive" useful idiots and the elites who want to consentrate all control of the energy sector into the hands of a very few elites who will then dole out energy at great cost and hardship to the consumer. This decision by Clinton is not in the least bit surprising as she is simply doing the bidding of her handlers and donators, the rich and powerful elites who want to make energy a resource commodity that only they control. If there was any justice this woman would be in jail, her lies on the Benghazi slaughter of Americans alone should've been enough to end this horrid womans political career, unfortunately she has a compliant corrupt "progressive" media constantly running cover for the "progressive" mob.