Thursday, September 3, 2015

Syria/Iraq refugee crisis vaulted to the top as an election issue

I just returned from a Conservative campaign event held Surrey, BC early this morning.  The event was cut short with PM Harper addressing only one issue which had been forced to the fore by breaking news of the drowning of a Kurdish refugee family (mother and two young boys) attempting to get out of Turkey.  It was big, big news because the family was attempting to get to Canada.

The PM's speech covered the situation and laid out the government's three pronged approach: help refugees over there, bring refugees here and military action to stop those responsible for forcing people from their home, mainly ISIS. 

The Media Party was there of course and the PM took questions from 4 or 5 reporters.  Every single one, starting with Paul Wells, asked the same sanctimonious, one-note, bleeding heart question: Why isn't Canada accepting more refugees, faster, ... ?  The PM gave them all the same answer which was a repeat of his speech.

They all sounded like they were carrying water for Mulcair or Trudeau.  Not one original question came up,  like, for example: "Why isn't Canada stepping up military action to stop ISIS and stem the refugee crisis?"

Two articles by Terry Glavin on this:
Canada is watching Syria die
Update - CTV News poll backfires. [via the comments and sda

Final results: 


Anonymous said...

Strange.. after PM Harpers answers to the media at 1:30 pm on CPAC..after PM harper just before 2pm...CPAC Peter Vandussen announced that the women (sister, aunt?)who gave the letter to the NDP said she didn't have any documentation for any refugee status and the media had the story wrong. She held a press conference and Peter went on to explain what she said, not blaming the Canadian Govt. BUT, BUT, now it is not being spoken by the media. it's as if this news didn't happen. Media cover-up so they don't look biased and their story was a rush to judgement against PM Harper?Check it out unless they deleted Peters comments. Duffy sank now onto the next media smear campaign, using the body of a little boy. I am sickened by the Canadian media.

Anonymous said...

The media caught out

Anonymous said...

I was at that event, and the media party baiting was and is disgusting.

Just back from a campaign stop for Stephen Harper in Surrey...the only thing on the media's mind were five back to back questions on 'the dead child' and didn't Mr. Harper 'feel morally responsible for the death'.

While clearly a tragic event for any family, having the media wrap itself in the morally righteous garb of a child's death and lay it at the feet of the Prime Minister is really some kind of twisted.

Paul Wells led off the parade of 'righteous indignation' and the farce continued on it's way bereft of any moral compass.

The event has reaffirmed my disgust for the media 'baiting session'. PM Stephen Harper correctly asserted that the most reasonable response is to continue to battle ISIS in an effort to bring a measure of calm to the region rather than have tens of millions of refugees. The answer is not to vacate the entire region as that just plays into ISIS hands. The media spectacle of attempting to create a 30 second sound bite fury leaves one with the distinct urge to switch them off in perpetuity.

I'm sure the baying of the media jackals will continue long after the campaign is over. Coles notes version of the media PM Harper is hard of heart and without compassion notwithstanding a reasonable response to the crisis.


Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

1st Saint Nicolaas Army
Army Group 'True North'

fernstalbert said...

There is a human tragedy unfolding on a massive scale in the Middle East - so is the solution is to have everyone come to Canada? Where and how are we supposed to absorb this mass of people? Are we talking hundreds, thousands, millions ... I recommend that they be placed in the ridings of those who advocate no borders and no controls.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry JR old Mr H. will be opening up the Muslims floodgates even further than him and the previous libs have done. Yeah I know the refugee thing that they're all Christians being persecuted bal bal boo hoo. Canada's version of refugee is so far completely removed from how it is truly defined by the Geneva Convention. Canada; well we bypass that true definition of refugee and give out actual citizenship and all the perks that come with it. Now the so called Christian refugee can now sponsor even more so called hurting souls who are seeking a better life and many free things. So everyone get to work and pay those taxes cause we got citizenship cards to give out and all the entitlements that accompany it.

JR said...

All great points! Though Anon @5:20 PM may be a little skimpy on compassion for people running away from death by ISIS butchers.

Latest CTV poll result included in updated post.

Alain said...

Other than the hysteria of the Left, Canadians correctly understand that however bad the situation is in the Middle East it is neither Canada's problem nor responsibility. It should not be necessary to point out that this situation was created by Muslims and therefore it is their responsibility to resolve it. There are plenty of Muslim countries that could take them in instead of demanding that the West open their borders to yet more than we already have. It is also well known that a number of those claiming to be refugees are actually terrorists seeking to infiltrate. Compassion like charity starts at home. Allowing population replacement by accepting massive numbers of people whose beliefs and culture are incompatible shows a total lack of compassion for all Canadians.

Anonymous said...

Montreal mayor Liberal Denne Codere had Trudeau on CPAC with him today and now he has Green (Liberal) Elizabeth may with him. He thinks he is the Prime minister of Canada...he said the Govt. needs to bring in the refugees now and screen them LATER!!!!He says it's not a juristicton's everybody's business...take a stand and everyone will follow.It's not a Govt. Issue according to his highness of Montreal.It's a religious issue he says. May is making her big speech too...Who the hell does he think he is??

JR said...

I agree, but most Muslim dictatorships (which means most majority Muslim countries) as well as even nominally democratic nations like Turkey seem to have very cynical and perverted ideas about "helping" their fellow Muslims. In other words they don't really give a crap. The Syrians and others who are driven out of their homes obviously know this too. That's why they head for the West where, if they aren't welcomed with open, compassionate arms, there's at least a chance of finding a semblance of a normal life.

What really astounds me is how, after years of the deteriorating situation in the ME, with hundreds of thousands of brutal deaths, millions in refugee camps, Obama's red lines in the sand and the rise of ISIS, with an image of one accidentally drowned child on a beach, the world, thanks largely to the media, suddenly notices a crisis and throws a hysterical fit. Then without a thought about the cause of the refugee crisis in the first place, the only thing most can think to do is take in more refugees and/or try to politically capitalize on the whole mess. I notice that Chris Alexander is in today's news accused of being a heartless hard-ass for noticing the media's role in this.

JR said...

Anon @12:50 PM,
This is one more confirmation that liberals like Coderre, Trudeau and May are just morons posing as saints.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday the sister and aunt of the boys said her brother wanted to come to Canada for dental implants that cost $14,000 that she didn't have the money for. Where is that story in the media??The reporting is so cherry picked and now the CBC is using this as a Harper scandal? Blows the mind how desperate they are.

Anonymous said...

Oh hell..Nova Scotia Liberal premier said he will give $50,000 and Ontario's Wynne will give $300,000 and Coderre said Quebec is open to take as many refugees as needed NOW.John Tory said Toronto can do more. Do they get to VOTE? They are all coming out of the woodwork and CBC has the big headlines...CANADA CAN DO MORE!!!!! All day long...CBC is drumming this story 24/7 to blame the Conservative Govt. and paint the provincial Liberals as so full of heart and Harper nasty. Hundreds of migrants break out of camp...UK needs to do more...Cameron will take thousands more. New details of dead migrants in a truck...on and on...MIGRANT CRISIS. Where was CBC when the news was Mike Duffy for months???? Sickening bunch.

JR said...

There's an election on and it will only get worse. Liberals are narcissistic poseurs whose main goal in life is to appear compassionate.

Anonymous said...

LOL..Ctv power play has a poll...which is most important to Canadians.....Refugees, Daycare, bill -51 , and a few bogus economy, no Canadian safety without showing the poll or the numbers...nothing...the winner is DAYCARE!!!!
Now Craig Olwliver is on slamming the Govt. and Harper saying he needs to take leadership since he has been such a long leader....bla bla bla...what a bunch of losers.When will this guy retire.And now it's kennedy from the Canadian press...biased...earning his money to sit his ass down on the CTV hate Harper panel I hope Canadians won't be fooled

Anonymous said...

Lets face it, the Media, the "Liberals" and the NDP are all standing on the back of a dead child for the purpose of political opportunism. If there was any doubt the Media and the two leftist party's are using this tragedy as a political opportunity look no further than Trutardos main advisor Gerald Butts tweeting for financial support on behalf of that "Liberal" maggot Mark Holland against the immigration Minister Chris Alexander. The "Liberals" the NDP and their Media are a mob of sociopaths that couldn't care less about that dead little boy, they see the poor little soul as a political prop to be kicked around the political gutter for fund raising purposes and to score political points. It is shameless and despicable of the Media and the "Liberals and NDP to use the death of this child as a political tool... the desperation of these ghouls is extremely disturbing.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says........the best thing for Canada to do is cut off all immigration from all Islamic countries. cut off all aid to them as well. the oil rich Arab muslim countries have more than enough to support every follower of islam in the middle east. that they are unwilling to assist their own is not Canada's problem.