Thursday, September 10, 2015

Justin Trudeau's contempt for small business


Anonymous said...

What an idiotic comment. Most small businesses that are owned by rich people according to Trudeau's definition are law firms which are usually a partnership of lawyers or doctor offices. Considering we have a shortage of doctors we need to encourage more to go into medicine not chase those away who succeed. However unlike many rich Justin Trudeau inherited it rather than had to work for it so off course he is happy to see it redistributed rather than understanding making money is not easy. It was his grandfather Charles Trudeau who owned many gas stations who made the family fortune, but since he died in 1935, Trudeau never met him and thus probably never understood how he become wealthy.

While no fan of the NDP, at least Thomas Mulcair seems to understand the importance of small business. It is ironic, but the NDP seems more economically literate than the Liberals which has never happened before. That doesn't mean voting NDP doesn't have its risks, just saying Trudeau is not who we need as PM. The Liberals should have chosen Marc Garneau who would have been a reasonable alternative for those who want a change, not a lightweight who won based on his last name, not talent.

Anonymous said...

Trutardo IMO doesn't even know what he's saying. Junior is an actor, heavily rehearsed simply regurgitating a script. When you see Trutardo answering soft ball questions from his adoring Media comrades on CPAC away from the Media filter its quite obvious that he's simply repeating a script, a script that he's somewhat familiar with, but incapable of fully comprehending whatever he's blathering on about. Trutards handlers are keeping the boy blunder on a very short leash for fear that Jr. will go off script and say something incredibly stupid like "admiring China's dictatorship"etc. etc. It helps having a docile compliant Media as well. This latest bozo eruption is a telling response and a clear vision inside the radical minds that control the message and write the scripts for Trudozo to regurgitate. Trudozo is like a robot, a really dumb robot repeating the script written for him. Which is not to say that Jr. isn't a radical leftist too, of course he is, dangerously so, and so is his creepy Iran loving brother Sascha (creepy) Trudozo. Trudozo in the PMO is a scary prospect to be sure, so is the citizen of France Mulcair, but the really scary people are those behind the facade of these two radical leftists. Trudozo and Mulcair are surrounded by one radical activist after another, ideological soldiers for the "cause" who don't live in nor understand the real world. Either one would break the back of everyone trying to make a go of it without Government interference, with the only exception being weed dealers.