Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Peter Foster: Naomi Klein’s Great Leap Backwards
The “Leap Manifesto issued on Tuesday by an asylum full of celebrity victims of Harper Derangement Syndrome – led by Naomi Klein and David Suzuki – is certainly a thought-provoking platform. The main thoughts it provokes are: Does achieving celebrity cause a sharp drop in IQ and increase in hypocrisy, or does all-consuming artistic ego and/or power-hungry socialist inclination prevent all logical thought?...

... You’d think that somebody among the Deep Thinkers might have reflected that “leaping” doesn’t have the best of historical connotations. Specifically, it conjures up Chairman Mao’s Great Leap Forward, a lurch to socialized modernization that led to tens of millions of deaths.
... Klein is a great promoter of the notion that the dark forces of capitalism deliberately manufacture “crises” as an excuse for dictatorial control. She is quite impervious to any suggestion that the “climate crisis” might come into the same category.
...The manifesto’s main points were also promoted in a piece in the Globe and Mail on Tuesday by Klein, Suzuki, and three other well known policy experts, Leonard Cohen, Donald Sutherland and Ellen Page.
... The majority of the manifesto is taken up with peddling the fantasy of a total switch to alternative energy within a couple of decades, and demanding an end to fossil fuel activity. ... “We call,” note the Gang of Five, “for town hall meetings across the country where residents can gather to democratically define what a genuine leap to the next economy means in their communities.”
... The manifesto confirms that one of the things going for Stephen Harper in this election is his enemies. 
If these leaping freaks ever got their way we'd soon find ourselves in a totalitarian nightmare forced to  quote from Chairperson Naomi's Little Green Book. Their rabid nonsense also has hints of the French Revolution and its Reign of Terror.


Anonymous said...

It is pretty nutty and I would be shocked if any party tries to do this although if they do, I suspect they would get annihilated the next election. Canadians may care about the environment and climate change, but that doesn't mean they want to go overboard and destroy everything.

Martin said...

The niggling detail of how food would be grown, harvested and delivered to their pampered enclaves, without any consumption of diesel fuel goes unanswered. 99% of food grown and delivered today relies on petroleum products.Do they envisage electric tractors and trucks powered by the total renewable electricity generated? Or maybe they will use the same fuel as the non-petroleum trains of the future.
Food and agriculture is merely the most important sector reliant on petroleum, virtually any item consumed or used is likewise dependent.
I guess it is too much to ask of these self-absorbed entertainers and writers to think of that before they sign.

Anonymous said...

Too bad they couldn't have a fuel or have an energy source that is magically created through sheer stupidity and blinding hypocrisy, these fascist clowns would be even richer than they are now. The "Liberals" and the NDP are encrusted with these types of anti humanists and self loathing elites... their hatred and disdain for the western world and its people is breathtaking.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says.......... Martin they really do not think at all. They think food and all consumable items just appear in the store through a Star Trek like replicator. The elite are very, very, stupid.

Anonymous said...

Does it not occur to them that the books they write, the songs they compose and sing are all marketed through the horrible capitalism?

Old Lady

Alain said...

So they want a reincarnation of Mao's "great leap forward" which resulted in the death of millions in China. Of course like Mao they want it to apply to others and not to themselves.