Friday, September 25, 2015

The Pope - a political hybrid

Peter Foster: Papal fundamentalism
... The Pope does not fit into normal political categories. He is a hybrid of social conservatism and socialism, which made his speech an inevitable mixed bag, a platter of papal platitudes peppered with elements of controversy, some carefully-padded, some not.


Anonymous said...

The Church has always believed in building community. That we should love one another. That is not socialism. Why do you stain the Pope and Mother Church with your political partisan cheap shots. I forgive you.

Joe said...

I've been studying the words of Jesus for 40 years and I just can't find that part that says we should TAKE from the rich and give to the poor.

JR said...

Joe, I agree. The Pope should get back to Christian fundamentals, more closely follow Christ's teachings and avoid wading into controversial politics and economics.

I think the Church and this Pope do believe in "building community". However this Pope is misguided. He is misguided in his understanding of the nature and role of Western capitalism, free markets and the rule of law. He has consistently demonized them while calling for increased centralization of power to redistribute wealth and deal with "climate change" (on which he is also misguided). In doing so he has aligned himself and his Church (unwittingly I believe) with secular socialist forces (eg. Marxism and radical environmentalism) that will do the greatest harm to the poorest and reduce the liberty and well-being of everyone else. These secular, mostly atheistic forces have no love of the Church (if anything quite the opposite) but they are quite happy to have the Pope spread their radical gospel for them.

Anonymous said...

Raised in the church went to a Christan Brothers of Ireland school.
Would never darken the door of one of their churches again.
The Pope is trying to bring back the good old days when the church got it all wrong , see Galileo.
Funny he is all over capitilism but says nothing about communism.
Hello Pope-man nobody is heading for Cuba or Russia or China in a flimisy rubber boat.
I wonder why?
A mystery, a sacred mystery, but you must believe and obey
JMO Bubba