Sunday, September 13, 2015

German compassion for refugees reaching its limits

New York Times breaking news:


Anonymous said...

I agree we should take some refugees, but the idea of throwing our doors wide open, is a silly idea. Interestingly enough Reg Martin Cohn in the Toronto Star who is no fan of Harper even alludes to this. For starters if we let everyone in, more will just come so better to be cautious.

Anonymous said...

The Media will continue to distort the realities of this issue and push their agenda of invasion by emotional blackmail and guilt trip. I find this invasion extremely troubling and the most troubling aspect to me is the push from the Media. It is the Media that is pushing this contrived effort of invasion by emotional blackmail and guilt trip. Since when do the Media have any expertise in immigration or "refugee" policy? Since when does the Media dictate through emotional blackmail the future of the country and the outcome of an election? Its clear to me the Media are corrupt to the core and are doing the bidding of some very nefarious and powerful people.

fernstalbert said...

Apparently the Germans have a demographic problem similar to that of Japan - not enough young workers and too many older dependants. Short term solution, long term problem. Merkel is whistling past the graveyard with this immigration policy. Can you assimilate that many refugees/migrants in such a short period of time? I think not.