Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Elizabeth May says global warming is saving us from a new ice age (and that's a bad thing?!)

In yesterday's debate (at about the 28 min mark), Green Party leader Elizabeth May argued that human induced global warming is preventing our entry into a new ice age.  In other words were it not for AGW, Canada would soon be looking at being buried under kilometer thick ice sheets. All life, all civilization, in Canada would be virtually wiped out! This would be an ecological Armageddon for Canada, would it not? 

So how can Elizabet May (Canada's Green Party leader) simultaneously argue that global warming is a bad thing, that Canada needs to take urgent action to stop it?


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth May should watch this Charlie Rose interview with Michael Crichton
I agree story good State of Fear but footnotes and opinions at end of book are great common sense
worth your time
thanks for new verification I'm not a robot much appreciated as I have visual problems

Richard Neufeld said...

I like history and found this link to be very interesting.


As anyone who is a student of history would know, it was much warmer during the age of the Vikings than it is now. I knew from Scandanavian museum records that they were able to graze livestock in Greenland. Here we find evidence of barley farms on land that is currently in permafrost. Barley by the way requires about 100 frost free days to grow.

Jen said...

Remember folks, Elizabeth said on TV "Canadians are stupid", so I am not surprised today's date that she still thinks that we are. Furthermore, she personally went to the USA to have our pipelines to the States ' SHUT DOWN' killing of course, many jobs and our economical future. She is traitor to our land.

bertie said...

I have been noticing the movie The day after tomorrow is being played and played and played by several cable tv stations.These people must be getting desperate with their bogus movies and interviews.Anyone ever heard of a guy named Al Gore.Did he die? Did he give his Oscar back,since everything in his movie has been proven to be a lie.I just can,t comprehend what kind of society we have emerged into where we let idiots like May and Turdeau spout lies day after day and instead of being tarred and feathered which would be appropriate,they are given front page coverage by our disgusting press.

Anonymous said...

I found this interesting Piers Corbyn from London and others dicuss Climate fools day Nov 5 2014



Anonymous said...

This is very interesting
Global Warming 31,487 Scientists say NO to Alarm