Sunday, March 15, 2015

Divestment - the UN's latest climate enthusiasm

The UN organisation in charge of global climate change negotiations is backing the fast-growing campaign persuading investors to sell off their fossil fuel assets.  
Of course the UN is backing an overtly activist political climate campaign.  It had already politicized climate "science" through its corrupt UNIPCC.  This was an inevitable next step.

If this were to take hold in any serious way, the world economy would indeed be in deep ka-ka.


Martin said...

Meanwhile in Ont, the Orwellian renamed Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has called for comments on a circulated paper:

"Climate change is the defining issue of our time.

The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change is engaging the people, businesses and communities of Ontario in a dialogue on climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions"

For these people the science is settled and carbon emission are totally responsible for all changing weather patterns. A carbon tax is proposed and the UN is actually quoted as a credible source for implementing it. One wonders what the ministry does with comments rejecting this cannon obviously they cannot take them seriously.

JR said...

Yes, it is certainly frustrating. So much dead certain belief, so little evidence.