Friday, March 20, 2015

Why the left hates Bibi Netanyahu

Lawrence Solomon tells us why:
Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu’s triumph in Israel’s election this week, so shocking and appalling to the Western press, is many other things, too. ...

... recognition by Israelis of Netanyahu as the Churchill of our times
... stands apart from virtually all other Western leaders
... a repudiation by Israelis of those same Western leaders
... Netanyahu’s march to freer markets.
... Under Netanyahu’s influence ... Israel systematically began dismantling the welfare state
... sold off Israel’s interests in state enterprises
... abolished foreign exchange controls and otherwise liberalized the economy,
... turning Israel into an entrepreneurial marvel 
... The Western press, operating as it does from its echo chamber, likes to describe Israel as increasingly isolated in the world due to its supposed failure to make peace 
... Israel, once the darling of the Socialist Internationale, is fast becoming the darling of all but Socialist-leaning Europe, Iran and the ISIS wannabe set
... Two years from now, Obama will be gone, to be remembered as the worst American president in memory. Prime Minister Netanyahu will remain in power and on the world stage
That's why.


Anonymous said...

The left does not hate Netanyahu. The left wants a successful Israel living with mutual peace and security with Palestinians. The right wants Israel to succeed by kicking Muslims in the balls.

Anonymous said...

well I guess annon at 9:37 has the answer. WOW WOW
why has no one NO ONE thought of this plan.
The left has all ALL the correct answers
life is just a bowl of cherries
please PLEASE annon we need your solution to the terrorists

Anonymous said...

Leftists (progressives) or whatever those fascists are calling themselves these days do indeed HATE Bibi because thats what leftists do, they hate. They hate freedom, they hate capitalism, they hate the successes of the western world, but like most marxist sociopaths the left reserves the majority of their hatred for themselves. You can't be a Marxist without being a self loathing sociopath. Bibi does not hate himself, he does not hate his faith, and he does not hate his country, these are just a few of the reasons why Bibi is despised by the left.

JR said...

Anonymous @9:37: "The left wants a successful Israel living with mutual peace and security with Palestinians.

You might want to speak to your genocidal terrorist pals, the Palestinians, about why that hasn't happened, and isn't likely to.

Anonymous said...

You Leftists are just too willfully stupid to pay attention to that little bit where the Palestinians have openly called for Israel's destruction. Now let me explain this for you, pal...
You don't negotiate with people who have pledged to kill you. Why do you leftist idiots keep thinking negotiating is something terrorists are willing to do? Oh, of course.
You're a Leftist. You just can't be bothered to think. Too much work. Gotta go hang in mom's basement, smoke weed and play video games. Forget realty, it just doesn't work for you.