Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mark Carney - climate loon

Speaking of climate lunacy, James Delingpole isn't too impressed with Canada's contribution to the BoE. 
Bank of England governor talks rubbish on climate change:
Three things are clear.
1. Carney cannot speak intelligible English, only evasive, flannelly CorporateSpeak.
2. Under Carney’s leadership, the Bank of England has joined the long, long list of institutions speaking well above their pay grade on the climate change issue, which it is palpably obvious they do not understand.
3. Carney, like his greenie activist wife, has bought wholesale into the climate change scare, can barely conceal his lofty contempt for those, such as Lord Lawson, who are not “with the programme”, and thus feels under no obligation to justify his position because he’s right, damn it, all the world’s climate experts say so….

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