Sunday, March 22, 2015

The collapsing climate paradigm

Excellent guest post at WUWT by Earth Scientist, David Middleton, where he defines the current climate paradigm, details why it's collapsing and goes on to discuss the logical fallacies underlying the so-called "consensus":
"The paradigm is collapsing primarily due to the fact that the climate appears to be far less sensitive to changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations than the so-called scientific consensus had assumed."

... In nearly 40 years as an Earth Scientist (counting college), I have never seen such an obsession with consensus.

... Why is there such an obsession with a 97% consensus?  My guess is that it is to enable [political] demagoguery.
More on consensus.

And speaking of political climate demagoguery:

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Martin said...

Problem is that in duly elected governments like Wynne's Ont, a total acceptance of the theory of man made AGW remains; there is no room whatever for conflicting evidence.Ont has even renamed their department the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. Public servants working in that department have also been totally indoctrinated; that 2014 was "the warmest year on record" is an article of faith to them. It is much more exciting for public servants to dream up schemes to "manage climate change" then to administer mundane duties like an e registry for health records. A move to a carbon tax, simple another revenues tool for this government, is a matter of when not if.