Saturday, March 28, 2015

Universities "are mutating into thought-suppressing machines"

Rex Murphy:
Lighthouses of reason, or beacons of  folly? 

... Literally, you could multiply the instances of silly thinking and foolish actions by the hundredfold that now burden universities across the West ... have surrendered to every passing fad and fancy of ever-more trivial and mentally bankrupt causes.

... The universities, under the banner of hollow diversity and the even more hollow and self-contradictory banner of tolerance, are mutating into thought-suppressing machines.

... The universities are running a risky race. The more they quiver before the onslaught of the cause-mongers, refuse to take clear and bold stands against protest intimidation tactics, the more they lose their centuries-old prestige. It is a situation that should concern everybody. 


Alain said...

We allowed the take-over of education by the cultural marxists, so it will only get more insane and worse. The irony is that in spite of all the crowing about "diversity", universities are the last place on can find a modicum of true diversity.

Anonymous said...

As a right winger who went to SFU a little over a decade, I can say its not nearly as bad as many on the right think. I feared the same, but in fact back then we had many students who were conservative minded and a number of centre-right parties with large active clubs. Likewise I never had an issue with my profs including the left wing ones. As long as your argument was well researched and backed up with facts, most would give you a good grade. While I got some bad grades on papers, they were mostly in my early years when I wouldn't ask someone else to proofread it (it's always good for anything to have a second pair of eyes and in fact required in many industries) and thus lost marks for bad grammar (in high school they don't dock you for bad grammar asides from English, whereas in university they do).

Likewise I served on the student union one year and despite being a right winger and vigorously disagreeing with the union on almost every issue I still got along quite well with its leftist members and we had no problem going out for drinks after or hanging out despite our strong disagreements on most issues.