Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Political correctness has important Christian issues being stifled while minor Muslim issues get undue attention

Brian Lilley:
There's been lots of talk about religious freedom, but it's all about one issue: the niqab and whether Muslim women can wear one during citizenship ceremonies.


Alain said...

Hiding your face by wearing a niqab is not in the least about religion or religious freedom. It is giving the finger to your host country and a political statement that demonstrates this person is not eligible for Canadian citizenship. There is nothing in Islam that requires a niqab. It is an Arab cultural thing demonstrating that women are the property of men, or of a man and no other man may see his property. It is an expression of the oppression of women and in Western countries it is a political statement. I am sick and tired of the lie that it about religious freedom. In Canada people do not, or at least should not, have the right to hide their face behind a mask in public.

JR said...

I agree Alain. The niqab should be banned, period - not just at citizenship swearing in ceremonies. We should follow France's lead.