Sunday, March 22, 2015

What climate skeptics really think

Scottish Sceptic issues A personal apology to Obama and Cameron:
 Any Democrat, Tory or any other politicians who are still extolling the virtues of  Global ... will now know that they have been very mistaken: the public are no longer swallowing the
global warming lies!

... What a shame you didn’t listen to us sceptics

... Did it never occur to you that you were being led to attack vast constituencies of your own voters?
... This is what real sceptics, those real flesh sceptics who vote actually think:

... So, sorry Obama, sorry Cameron, sorry to the hate-mongers like Kerry, sorry to the gullible idiots like Milliband. Sorry Jo Swinson my own MP. Sorry … to every politician who were so keen to jump on the bandwagon of hate directed against vast swathes or your own electorates.

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