Monday, February 20, 2012

The certainty of disastrous sea level rises in BC

The Vancouver Sun has this story on today's front page (must be short of "news"):

"South Delta (Ladner) will be vulnerable to disastrous flooding in the coming decades without wholesale adaptation to rising sea levels.
"... global warming likely means a “multi-metre” rise in ocean height by the end of this century."

Even though,
"... global sea level changes at present are lagging behind a global warming trend and no one can predict when the oceans will catch up, although it’s a certainty that they will." ["a certainty" only if the warming predicted by AGW hysterics is a "certainty" - which it most certainly isn't.]
"SFU’s Clague said the sea level may be changing more rapidly than it has in several thousand years ..." [So much for certainty.]
It must be time for these SFU and UBC "researchers" to renew their government grants; and given that the BC government has bought into AGW hysteria lock-stock-and-barrel grant renewals are a near certainty.

When moving to the lower mainland a couple of years ago I considered Ladner but decided against it - not because of global warming but global warming hysteria and the potential for gigantic tax increases - and even worse plummeting Ladner housing values caused by this alarmism. 

UpdateCTV Vancouver News covered this "story" last night as if it were a certainty.  The dimwitted anchor thought it was gospel because "computer models" showed the flooding that would occur (What? No computer model showing what Vancouver would look like after the asteroid hits?)  If I were a Ladner home owner I'd be damn pissed at these SFU, UBC, Vancouver Sun and CTV warm-mongers for depressing my property values.


Jen said...

Watch well and pay attention to see if, Liz May who live in the coast and Suzuki in Quardia island move upground. Never happen.

Yet these two preach 'the rise in ocean water'
Al Gore the predictor of the 'end of the world' lives also on the beach front.

These same people use/ consume oil whether it is in daily use of cars flights heating oil computers daily accessories, even the toilet seat has oil would you beleive it

Hilarious isn't it.

I guess they want you to stop using oil so they can use more.

Anonymous said...

come on now. we know the seas are not going to rise. the u.s. elected obama. he of the planet will heal and the seas will stop rising. there is nothing to worry about.

dmorris said...

And,meanwhile back at The Blogging Tories, many sites cheer on that "the war on the global warmists is almost won" or variations thereof.

Not bloody likely. As long as AGW can be used a weapon to exert power over us peasants,Global Warming will stay on the agenda of every politician and activist.

Keep fighting,folks,it's a long way from over.

JR said...

It's nuts. If I were a Ladner resident I'd be damn pissed with these warm-mongers depressing my property values thanks to their speculative hysterics.