Friday, February 24, 2012

A progressive's take on Romney

Jonathan Kay speculates on conservative motives. Lame, partisan "analysis", as usual.


Anonymous said...

No idea what the point of your comment is. As a fan of Coulter, I imagine you read her recent piece making the case that the Republicans are not going to do better than Romney. Kay writes with less clarity, but likely makes the same point. It has been clear for months now that Romney is the best candidate among those seeking the nomination. Not perfect, of course, but the party warriors who would prefer to dance with anyone but Romney (Perry? Cain? Really?) will be the real reason why the GOP fails in November. I like Santorum, but the delusional hacks who think he is electable nation wide and continue to ravage Romney for his five cars, for his hair, for his occasional stumbles - in effect for whatever they can use to score a point and perpetuate a contest that allows Obama to retake the lead - these hacks will flee from responsibility for the reelection of BHO.

JR said...

My point is simply that Kay's "analysis" of Romney is loaded with his usual progressive partisan sneers against Republicans, conservatives and capitalists. He passes this off as serious commentary. But it's lame, shallow name calling with little credible substance. See also my comment in the Post under JR2020.